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Week 2 of 52 Week Challenge- O´s Clothes

Just finished week 2 of my 52 week challenge and this week was taking care of O´s clothes. He will hopefully be going to the Pre-K program at school this fall so he has to have plenty of clothes and I needed to put the clothes he had grown out of into storage until M gets big enough to wear them.

OK here I am being brave again and posting the before pic……  How embarrassing!

I read the second week post from the 52 week challenge before I started to find some inspiration. Non of the clothes needed to be tossed or taken to the thrift store since M will be the next in line for them. But a box was filled to be put in storage and some where already M´s size so I shifted them over to M´s clothes.

Here is my after pic and now I know how many clothes I do need to buy for O for school.

If it hadn´t been for this challenge I would have just sat and did this….

instead of organizing. Yeah, I was about to read Susan´s blog when I told myself to get off my bum and do something about my unorganized home.

What did you organize this week? Have any places in your home that you make an effort to ignore instead of tackling?


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