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Monday Knitting Update

I have been busy knitting this week. I finished the baby sweater I was knitting and then I forgot to take a pic of it before giving it to my friend. I guess I will just have to get an action shot of it once her little boy is born next month.

I brought out my drop spindle! First time in a while and I´m taking some time getting use to it again. Here is what I’ve done so far. Totally a thick and thin yarn at the moment. The fiber is a little hard to get even. 

I worked on the Mitered Cross Blanket

Then Veronika from Yarn on the House got me knitting on a new pattern when I saw her finished first sleeve and I went to look at the finished product on the pattern page I really wanted to make it. I already had all the material in my stash (a must) so I decided to knit it. It´s called Maxfield Cardigan by Amy Christoffers and sadly I have to say I have had quite a few issues with the pattern. It looks pretty but I find it not very detailed like she was trying to fit this complex pattern on only a few pages when more explanation is needed. There is also only one needle size in the list of materials needed but then it asks for a larger and smaller needle to knit with in the pattern. I do like that it starts with the sleeves.Sadly this is the first time that I say that I feel like I would like a refund on my $7 dollars since this pattern does not seem to be properly test knit yet. I really want to knit this sweater but I might end up just free handing it at some point. I hate writing reviews like this. Makes me feel bad. The sweater is beautiful but the pattern is not reader friendly. I just can´t promote something by knitting it and not giving a proper review of the pattern. I won´t hold this against Veronika LOL. I´m sure she is having the same issues.

Went to Joann’s and found this fabric that I got to make project bags with.

If you don´t follow Veronika at Yarn on the House then you are missing out. She does yarn giveaways on a regular basis and has started knitcations! You know you want a knitcation. I know I do. Sadly I will be giving birth during the time that this knitcation will be and after that we will not be able to afford one for a long while. But the goody bags that they are offering are to die for! You must check it out. I jokingly mentioned to Veronika that I planed on doing a knitstaycation and that I would love one of those bags. Sadly all I got out of that was a good laugh LOL which is what I expected . But I do hope that some of my knitting friends will enjoy this trip and take loads of pics so that I can sit and be totally jealous over them. Hopefully a newborn will make it all worth missing the trip. LOL.

What do you have on the needles or in your craft basket?


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