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Saturday Personal Update.

M with his cool new shades from PA

O with his cool new Shades from PA
I know it´s blurred but That is M and my belly!

This week was lazy. Not just lazy but everybody was sick. My husband was home from work for 3 days and he never stays home because of illness. The boys ran a fever too. My asthma was working up again too. I´m 30 weeks pregnant now. Only 10 more weeks left but I’m HUGE. I look more than full term at the moment and I move like I´m about to pop tomorrow. I´m uncomfortable and tired. Feeling sorry for my children that I feel that I´m not meeting their needs to explore outside of the home. But with being home as much as we are they are having a blast with make believe while I sit on the couch, knit and gestate. They are being feed at the right time and healthy food, we have art time and they get plenty of attention. It´s just I feel that they deserve better at this point. It´s so hot outside during the day that just thinking about stepping a foot outside makes me want to sit under my AC vent on my loveseat. I remember feeling the same way the last time I was pregnant but then O didn´t have anybody to play with. Now the boys have each other and most of the time they have so much fun. I try to tell myself this is only for the next few months but a few months is forever to a 2 and 4 year old. But I am doing the best I can with what I have. That is all I can do.

OK, to my 52 week challenge. This week is O´s clothes. He is my 4 year old and will hopefully go into the 4 year old program this fall. So not only do I need to put the clothes that don´t fit anymore into storage but I also need to figure out how many pairs of pants I need to buy for the fall and how many shirts and sweaters. I will be using my Banker boxes for the clothes that are too small for O but too big for M and it will be stored in my closet. There are several jeans that O wore last year that have ripped at the knee but I plan on patching them for home use for M when he gets big enough to wear them.

On the knitting front I am back from my knitting block that I had last year. I want to knit everything! I´m only limited by the stash that I have already. I´m on a yarn diet and am not allowed to buy any more yarn til I have finished at least 75% of the stash that I have already. I hope to become the knitter that only buys yarn that I am just about to use for a specific project and actually finish that project before picking up the next.

How has your week been?


2 thoughts on “Saturday Personal Update.

  1. hi there, I usually just lurk about but wanted to say how much I love your 52 week challenge. I have 4 children 14,10,6,&5 and clutter is the story of my life. we downsized our living space about a year ago, and I keep making excuses about the shape of things saying its because we used to have a lot more space. well, I've found the inspiration to stop the excuses and make things work for this space. don't feel bad about having to chill out in front of the a/c, it's just a small blip of time on your boys radar and you need to stay healthy and comfortable. you are making a person! thank you for sharing all that your doing, it's been a great help. can't wait to see the new baby, stay cool and enjoy the summer.


  2. Thank you so much for your support. Have to respect a woman with 4 kids. I find it hard enough with the 2 I have and growing another. Hope to hear more from you in the future about how your decluttering is going.


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