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Wednesday 52 week challenge- Week 1

Week 1—— My Clothes
Before starting the purging and storing of clothes, of the 52 week challenge, that needed to be done in my closet I read over Orgjunkie.com´s Guide to decluttering your clothes and her week #1 Where to start post. My clothes are the first thing on my list and I´ve been a bit intimidated by this. My body has gone through a lot of changes since I got pregnant the first time 5 years ago and am now pregnant with my 3rd child. I have limited closet space since our closet is for both me and my husband and it is also storage. So now I have to get brave and take a before photo. I can´t believe I am going to put this on the internet……..

Overflowing shelves

My side is the left side where the hangers are sticking in every direction

Yep there are things on the floor too

Reading through the guide really did help me. I come from a long line of horders because they came from people that didn´t have much so they held on to what they had. Now I live in a land and time of plenty and boy do I have plenty in my home. Overwhelmingly plenty. Time to get rid of what I have in excess and give it to people who don´t.

2 of the 3 bags I was able to get rid of

Boxed and organized

Yep no more stuffed closet

As I loaded my bed full of clothes I found clothes that I had forgotten I had or forgotten where I had put them. My clothes have now been organized in to several storage boxes, things were hung back up because of it being in use and 3 trash bags were filled to be taken to the thrift store.  It was hard to get rid of all the maternity clothing that was winter clothing and I will never wear again. It makes me sad. But a vital process to me realizing that this is it. My last pregnancy. As you can see my closet is a lot less cluttered.

What did you organize and simplify this week?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday 52 week challenge- Week 1

  1. Well done, and thank you for the inspiration. I was motivated to get on with my own decluttering and the difference it has made has been energizing.


  2. Just knowing that I have helped one other person with my blog to start getting rid of the possessions that depress them instead of bring them joy makes me happy. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear more stories like this in the future.


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