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Late Saturday Personal Update.

This week I have been not feeling so well. I ran out of my asthma medicine last Friday and we left for a Family Reunion with out it. By Monday when I picked up my medicine I was not doing so well and it took 2 almost 3 days to bounce back. So mostly I just sat on my couch doing nothing this week trying to breath and knit which I have done well on the knitting front and will have photos of that tomorrow. But I am starting my 52 week decluttering and simplification challenge this week and today I am tackling the first thing on my list which are my clothes. OK here is my honest concerns with this before I start.

This photo is from closetcustom.com I´m hoping that my closet might get this tidy.

Orgjunkie.com tells you to take it all out and then go through each item before deciding to put it in one of 3 piles or put it back into the closet.

  • Pile 1 is the donation pile and in this pile should go anything you don´t love or haven´t used in over a year. 
  • Pile 2 is long term storage and these are clothes that mean something special to you or your fav skinny jeans that you plan to fit in (this should be your smallest pile of only a few items). 
  • Pile 3 is short term storage and these are the things that are not in season right now but you know you will use as soon as it gets cooler or warmer depending on what season it is. 

My closet is OVERFLOWING. I have my prepregnancy clothes in there, my winter clothes, my summer clothes, my skinny clothes, my fat clothes, clothes I haven´t worn in years. I have nothing in storage at the moment. I share a closet with my husband and we live in a house built in 1927 so we are out of space completely. Sigh. I have one of those bins that fit under the bed which I will now put my winter clothes in. I have filing boxes that I plan to use for long term storage and plastic bags for the things I plan to donate or take to the thrift store oh and then there is the trash pile for the things that are too worn to donate. 

If you are joining me in decluttering your home what are you working on this week? Remember to take baby steps and not overwhelm yourself. If you are not joining me but have a cluttered home what is holding you back?


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