Wednesday Simplistity- 52 Week Challenge

Hubby took this pic on our trip to PA at Columbus, OH

Happy 4th of July to my American readers! Hope you have a great day of good food and family fun.

My simplification of my home has been slow work and I haven´t had as much success since I haven´t been feeling well. So I believe I need more structure to my plan and I found a 52 week challenge on organization at orgjunky.com which I plan to use to simplify as well. She has a printable sheet where you can write what 52 places in your home needs to be organized and simplified. I thought to begin with that 52 places might not be enough but then I started writing it out and I realized that it was harder than I thought to find so many places.

Here is my list:

  1. My clothes
  2. O´s clothes
  3. M´s clothes
  4. New baby clothes
  5. Linen Closet
  6. Pantry Shelves
  7. Downstairs Desk
  8. Guest bedroom closet
  9. Toys
  10. Kitchen Drawers 
  11. Under Sink
  12. TV cabinet
  13. Living room shelves
  14. Art Cabinet
  15. Piano Top
  16. Fridge
  17. Freezer
  18. Yarn
  19. Cloth Diapers
  20. Bathroom Cabinet
  21. Medicine Cabinet
  22. Top of the Drier (this is a huge clutter zone for me)
  23. Laundry station
  24. Back yard toys
  25. Entry Closet
  26. Entry Hangers
  27. Shoes
  28. Snack cabinet
  29. Counter Topes
  30. Basement Bin 1
  31. Basement Bin 2
  32. Basement Bin 3
  33. Gardening Tools
  34. Bedroom Drawers
  35. Car
  36. Back Pourch
  37. Guest Bedroom shelves
  38. Tax Papers
  39. Fire Box
  40. Changing Table
  41. Stored Clothing
  42. Books
  43. Laptop
  44. Photos
  45. Bathtub Top
  46. Built in cabinet in Living
  47. Living area
  48. Wine Cabinet
  49. Basement
  50. Garage
  51. Master Bedroom 
  52. Children´s room

There is my list. Each week I will post a before and after photo of how I organized and simplified these areas. This way I am not getting away with not working on my plan. I am making a tab for this on the top of my page where I will draw a line through each thing that I work on and link it to the post where I describe the things I use for organization and simplification and have my photos. I believe that once you have finished your first year that it is easier the next years if you just keep cycling through your list for your house.

If you have followed me for a while then you know I have used FlyLady.net for my daily choirs but she hasn´t worked very well for me for deep cleaning and good organization. But I will put my 52 week list in my house folder.    If you would like to join me in my organization and simplification feel free to post your accomplishment in the comments of each Wednesday update.

What part of your house do you dread the most to tackle?


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