Monday Knitting Update- Newborn Sweater

In training for the Ravellenic games (that is what the Ravelympics were changed to because of a legal mater) I have been knitting more to get my speed up which I will need if I am to finish Snowbird in 17 days. This week I was working on my miter cross blanket and I started the Puerperion Cardigan in cotton for a friend of mine that is due a month before I am. It’s a cute honey dew green cotton sweater. I still have the sleeves left and sewing on buttons and weaving in ends but I will have that done by next week. I joined Sweater Triathlon and Synchronized Stash Busting these games. I look forward to seeing how people do and meet some new exciting people.

This weekend I didn’t do a Personal update because I was on a family trip to a family Reunion on my husband’s mother’s side of the family. We are very blessed to have big families and lots of people that love and care for our boys. O had so much fun that he didn’t want to leave. He wanted to go back to the lake even though his face was burnt and so were his arms. We drove my parent’s RV there and back and it was nice being able to stop anywhere and rest, have lunch, use the restroom, take a nap but the RV is older and not made to keep people comfortable in the middle of the day when it is 103F out. We drove there in the evening after dark and had to stop to sleep on the way and the same thing happened on the way back. But we were able to just find a rest stop and stop. It was so nice. Nights were very comfortable. Once we got to the reunion my husband’s uncle’s cabin was there with AC and all the good stuff so I spent my days in there like a beached wale. I’m big for not being due until Sep 21st. People often comment if the baby is coming any day now. But I got comments like that with all of my kids. Oh and “you only having one?”.

We are all very tired since we didn’t come back till 10am this morning. I only slept 4 hours last night because of children and we thought we could go without the AC but that was a fail and hubby had to get up at 4am to turn the generator on so that his wife could get some sleep.

Any of you doing the Ravellenic games and if so what are you going to be knitting and competing in?


2 thoughts on “Monday Knitting Update- Newborn Sweater

  1. Flott hjá þér Ólöf mín og mikið gaman að sjá myndirnar þar sem bumban sést vel á einni myndinni og mikið hafa strákarnir stækkað og eru fallegir elskan. Mikið er dásamlegt að geta skoðað myndaalbúmið þitt hérna. Gangi þér vel og farðu vel með þig já og gaman að sjá að þú getur notað blússuna sem ég sendi þér =) Knús og stórt faðmlag frá stóru systir til ykkar allra.


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