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Friday Book Report- The Story of O

I read The Story of O because I was told it was much like the Fifty Shades Trilogy and it is on the 1001 book list. It only cost a $1 on the kindle. But it was nothing like 50 shades. Yes it dealt with S&M but this book is dark and sad. Abuse that O, the main character, endured for what she thought was love and then made herself believe that she was proud of herself for enduring the pain and humiliation. I kept reading this book because I hoped and prayed that at some point she would wake up and smell the coffee and leave and live a life of dignity but it never happened. To my disappointment.  Why this book is on the 1001 book list I am not sure. I really did get to know the character and start hoping that she really would get herself out of the situation but it ended to sadly. It´s a quick read of only 132 pages but I had to put it down often because what I read was just too much for me to digest. Realizing that a lot of the books off of the list leave me feeling depressed and sad.

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