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Monday Knitting Update.

So had a busy knitting week. I knit a whole sweater in 3 days! It´s for my 2 year old but still. I knit Langstroth in the smallest size. I still need to weave in the ends and sew the armpits and block it but I liked the sweater. It kept me from being bored while knitting but not so integrate that I couldn´t watch something while knitting. I did make a slight boo boo. I did knit the pattern for the next size up so it is off center a bit. But I think my 2 year old can deal with it. I´ll just not make the same mistake with my oldest´s sweater. Almost tempted to make one in sock yarn for the bellydweller and make it  a button up or a full body suit. Let´s see how much I can actually get done before this baby pops out.

I also knit a little on the square Feel and See blanket.

I know I had told myself that I wouldn´t start a new project until I had finished at least 2 of my current projects but I couldn´t help myself with this sweater.

I also organized my unfinished projects a little and found a few of my designs that I was in the middle of designing and hadn´t finished. I guess I better start back on those.

I´m in full force training mode for the Ravelympics and after knitting that sweater for my little man in only 3 days I believe that I will be able to finish Snowbird in 17 days. But before I can start on another project I have to finish something else that I have started and not finished yet. What to pick though?

How are you training for the Ravelympics?


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