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Saturday Personal Update- Decided on a Birthing Center

We stopped in St. Louis on the way back and checked out the arch.

It´s been quite the week. We started it off driving back from Pennsylvania to Tulsa, OK on Sunday. We did it in 2 days. It was a LONG drive for me as pregnant as I am. Thankfully it was just me and the hubster and not the 2 kids too. Then on Tuesday we drove down to Oklahoma City to pick the kids up. They had such a good time with their grandparents that they almost didn´t want to come back home.

Now we have been getting back in the groove of  being home. Getting back into a routine that was shaky at best before we went on our trip. I´m still having a problem getting things done around the house and keep up with my kids´ needs and my needs and my husband´s needs. Most of the day I would like to just sit on my couch and knit or surf the web but that is not really an option. I have nights, like Wednesday night, where I couldn´t fall asleep because I was worried about having to deliver this baby here in the USA. Then I had nightmares for the rest of the night about Dr´s delivering my baby after knocking me out and it was too early. They kept my baby and I didn´t get to see it. My all time most feared issues about childbirth. I got 4 restless hours of sleep that night and then the next morning had to be mom. That day was filled with too much TV, Sandwiches, letting the boys cut paper with safety scissors and Thomas the train track laying. It was a rainy day too so my boys were mostly inside not counting the time they went to pet and hold the cats. I was so tired. I did make créps though for snack time which I was proud of and we sat and ate that together.

I´ve decided on birthing center, that we toured yesterday, since I will not be going back to Iceland this time around. I am against a lot of the hospital procedures here in the USA. I´m against having an IV when I am not ill, I don´t need to be monitored constantly (childbirth is a natural process), I want to move around and eat if I want to, I´m against being checked all that time (I know when I am ready to push there is no need to constantly check my progress), I don´t want to deliver on my back (laying on your side or squatting gives the baby 30% more room in the birth canal than if you have pressure on your tail bone), I don´t even want to be in the presents of Pitocin (evil painful drug) and I don´t want an Epidural (comes with more complications than it is worth). If you want more information on why I´m against a lot of the hospital stuff then read the book The Thinking Woman´s Guide to a Better Birth It´s not just granola crunchy mambo jumbo. It is a book backed with research. I´m looking forward to a peaceful birth where I get to labor how I want and need to labor. Where I can have my baby the way I want and how nature intended and not strapped to a table unable to even move my legs. As you can tell I´m passionate about letting woman´s bodies do their thing and believe that most of the time it is the medical model that causes issues. But I´m also a mother of 2 and had 2 natural births in a birthing center already that had a Dr on call if needed. Never saw the Dr. Just the nurse midwives. My kids shoot out with out problem and all that is needed from the midwives is a little coaching, catching, some clean up and a few stitches. 


4 thoughts on “Saturday Personal Update- Decided on a Birthing Center

  1. it's wonderful that you found a place you are comfortable with for your birth, it's such a personal choice so thank you for sharing your experience. having 4 children myself I know what an anxious time it can be worrying about the process. I've done natural at a BCenter, I've had one at home, and had two at hospitals all hooked up – not by choice, but for the health and safety of my babies and I must say each time was wonderful even if it wasn't what I expected. hospitals can be amazing and personal and the staff of midwives, nurses, and doctors only have the health and well being of momma and baby in mind, thankfully for me & my family. it is so awesome how well we know just what to do though, isn't it?


  2. You are lucky to have had a good experience at a hospital in the USA. The mothers that I know that have wanted natural births have been very disappointed by their experiences. the 30% + c section rate in the USA is outrageous. Doctors are not taught how to handle a difficult birth anymore in any other way than to cut anymore when other practices would not need MAJOR surgery to bring child into the world happy and healthy.


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