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Saturday Personal update

The yarn tent at the Cherry St. Farmer’s market
At 9am. there is still plenty of produce to buy which we did.

We went to the Cherry St.Farmer’s Market in Tulsa, OK again this morning and got our produce. We also got breakfast there of fresh pastries.

Plenty of people and dogs at the market today.

I’m getting back into knitting and actually enjoying it again. I was to the point of not knowing if I wanted to pick up the needles for a while which shows how bad off I was. But by being at home and resting and knowing that I am doing what is best for me and the kids I am starting to like my hobbies again. Even planted my veggie garden. But if this keeps up and I can knit through some of this yarn I have then I might even buy some yarn from the Farmer’s Market.

Me and M walking (or in my case waddling) back from the farmer’s market. 

This upcoming week I will be taking a road trip to Pennsylvania with my husband to meet a friend there. My in-laws have offered to take the kids for a week so me and the hubby will get to just be the 2.5 of us. We plan on taking a day trip to New York and I can’t wait. I’ve never walked the streets there as an adult. If you live there or have been there often do you have any advise or pointers? I’m excited. Mostly to get to sleep all I want. LOL

Hopefully I will get to do some antiquing and peek in on some yarn stores along the way and share some photos with you.

What were you up to this week?


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