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Wednesday Simple Living Update.

Tomato, peppers, eggplant and thyme plants.

Watermelon plant

I am finally planting my garden. When I went to the farmer’s market I realized that I really need to grow the things I like and are easy this summer. So I planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, watermelon, plenty of squash both winter and summer, cucumber, okra and melons.

I use the square foot gardening method. growing more in less room. This book has really helped me grow amazing food in little room. Worth every penny.

Bought two of these for less than a single plant because they were doing poorly at Lowe’s. Now they are doing well and producing strawberries.

I bought some plants since I started so late but the squash and cucumbers and melons are still OK to start from seed now so I used the seeds I already have and hope that they are not too old to use.

My peach tree is coming right along.
Had to add a photo of the Oklahoma Coneflower

Are you growing a garden this season and if not what are your reasons?


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Simple Living Update.

  1. Hope you start seeing some produce soon. Maybe check the soil in your buckets. If there is too much nitrogen then there will be more green than produce.


  2. We are growing potatoes and some herbs in our greenhouse. sadly it's about 1km away from where we live so we just don't get out there enough and we are travelling so much this summer that I don't want to plant any more. I long for the day when we get a garden or maybe just a balcony or windows that aren't facing noth…


  3. Mom and Dad in Iceland grow all their potatoes for the year in their garden and are now also growing rutabagas, carrots, cabbage, rhubarb and in their little sun room they are growing tomatoes and cucumbers. They are retired now and have plenty of time to take care of their home garden


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