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Monday Knitting Update- Travel Knitting

Consensuses were from last week´s post that for the Ravelympics I will be knitting Snowbird and I chose the yarn that I was wondering what to do with the week before that to knit it with.

This way I am staying true to my reduce and reuse and not bringing anything new into my house and using what I have. I believe I will be the first to knit Snowbird it in stripes though.

OK again I am going to need your help on deciding on something. Next weekend my AMAZING in laws are taking my kids for a whole week! Yes I know I am pampered. Well, my husband and I have decided to take a road trip to go visit a friend and check out Pennsylvania. I´ve driven through there a few times but not really looked around. Might even take a day trip to NYC which is only an hour´s car ride away. 

Here is where I have a problem making up my mind. What should I take with me to knit? I have some works in progress that I might just finish (what a concept) but which one?

Should I finish my Faraway, so Close shawl?

Finish designing my Feel and See Blanket?

Or something else from my Ravelry Unfinished Patterns?

What are your favorite projects to take with you on trips? I have plenty of yarn, lots of sock and lace weight yarn so maybe if you guys come up with good suggestions then I might start something new as long as I wouldn´t have to buy any more yarn.  


3 thoughts on “Monday Knitting Update- Travel Knitting

  1. As I can not travel by air I have traveled by train and by boat. Those take some time to get to your destinations. I have taken a number of projects with me on these trips. I have taken sweaters and lace shawl wraps on the trips. One time I took five projects for a 6 week trip and I finished 4 of them.


  2. How romantic..
    I vote for something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue.. ehh… that is the blanket and then something new. The borrowed part you have to figure out. A book maybe 😉


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