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Saturday Personal Update

This morning we went to the farmer´s market on Cherry St. and this was our bounty. We got there a little late so there wasn´t much of a selection left. But we will be able to finish this off by the end of the week and maybe get there earlier next Saturday. I´ll take my camera with me and take some photo´s of the yarn stand there which has yarn made by local fiber! Will have to look into that more next time.

This week has been full of water play dates. We spent Memorial day at my brother´s house where they set up their pool and we got one of my nephews a double slip and slide for a late birthday present and my boys really enjoyed that. We had a splash pad play group meet at Riverside Park on Wednesday and the boys had a blast splashing in the water there. This is the fun part of summer and being a stay at home mom.

The not so fun part of my week has been my raging hormones, horrific allergies, and my 4 year old testing every boundary followed by throwing horrific tantrums when he doesn´t get his way. Don´t know how many times I have asked God to grant me the Strength to be a level headed mom this week.

How was your week? Anything amazing happen?


3 thoughts on “Saturday Personal Update

  1. Wow, that looks like some yummy produce, and the pool and water slide look fun 🙂 You are such an amazing Mom, I really admire all you do for your family and how you approach life. I enjoy popping in to read about all the neat things you are up to 🙂


  2. Thank you Armida. Believe me we have our days. When the house looks like a tornado went through and all I can do to save my sanity is sit down with a cup of tea and surf Ravelry and ignore the craziness then tackle the problems one at a time.


  3. ohhh how I loved the slip and slide when I was a kid back in the sixties!!! my uncle's backyard had a slope and we put the slip and slide down so we had a real water sliding board!! so much fun!! thanks for the memories!


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