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Friday Book Report- Fifty Shades of Grey

This month I finished the Fifty Shades trilogy and will write a review on the first one today. The first book is Fifty Shades of Grey and I was not able to put it down after I started reading it. The main characters are Christian, a power hungry CEO that is only in his late 20s and Anastasia a girl in her early 20s that is graduating from college and trying to find a job and start her career as a editor. They meet when Anastasia was doing her sick roommate a favor and went to interview him as this young, successful, CEO for the school paper. It was an instant attraction but Christian has specific sexual needs and Anastasia is a virgin. The books are about how they have to work through their differences because they are unable to live with out each other. This is an unusual love story but if you really think about it then it is a typical love story where people have to learn each other´s limits and that we sometimes overstep because of what we believe our needs to be. When we are in love we also might let another person get away with things that you would normally not be ok with but as you see in this book that doesn´t work out. As I stated above this is a trilogy. When this book ended I was in tears. I had to get the next book right then and there to know what happens next. I read all 3 books in one week. NEVER read that much in one week. WARNING: there is a lot of sexual situations in these books. This book gives you a glimps into a specific world that a lot of adults play with or try. Even though that world is not for me and a lot of the activities that happen in this book are not anything that I would ever want to try, it was interesting to learn why people do this and get a better understanding of how people handle these situations.


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