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Late Monday Knitting

So I´ve been thinking about what to make during the Ravelympics and am throwing around a few ideas.

Maybe I´ll make an Ombre Basket by Liz

Or the Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh

Or a couple of Langstroths for my boys for the trip to Iceland this fall.

Or Snowbird by Heidi which is perfect for my pregnant and then newly post pregnant body this fall.

Or the Abi by Barroco which will be flattering when I´m shrinking back from having this baby.

These are all photo´s from the designer

Please vote fore which ones you think I should knit.


5 thoughts on “Late Monday Knitting

  1. I vote for Snowbird or Abi….. Snowbird because it seems like it would be a perfect sweater to throw on at any time. And Abi for the interest it would bring while knitting it. However, I think either one will be a lot to try and get knit up in just 17 days! I'm having that problem myself… Trying to find something that I could see actually getting done in time!

    But any of these choices would be smashing! Enjoy!!


  2. Snowbird! Pretty – practical – and you won't feel bad if it takes a bit longer to get back to fighting form, as it will fit all of your body shapes (and it's for you!!!!)
    2nd choice is that beautiful sweater Langstroths for the boys. Wow!


  3. Yeah This is why I put it up for a vote because I wanted to knit all of it. I LOVE all of these patterns. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and commenting on my question.


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