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Late Friday Book Report- Mockingjay

I finished up Mockingjay and I was a little bummed at the end of it. The beginning was a little slow and then there was fast pace middle and then almost abrupt ending. As you know when Catching Fire, book two, ended Katniss was saved and hauled out of the arena by the opposition but they left most of the other players for the capital to catch and do as they will to them. Mockingjay is about how opposition is going to win this war and bring back their people held by the capital. I believe that they could have done more with Katniss and Peta´s relationship. At this age there is more excitement when it comes to attraction and it takes up a lot of thinking process. This book is different than the first 2 books. More mental break down and internal struggle. It almost felt rushed. But if you read the first two books then you know you have to read this one. The second leaves you at a cliff hanger where you have to find out what happens next. I couldn´t put this book down. I had to know how it ended but I guess the first two book just got me all hopped up to believe that at some point Katniss will really fall for one or the other guy and it will be an all consuming thing but the one she chose and how it happened was just so…… I don´t know. Unexciting. I´m sad that the story is over. Sad at the way it ended. I had a book club meeting with some friends of mine last night and discussed this book. They both agreed that the beginning was slow, and the end disappointing. My friend Elizabeth said “It was like she was done writing.” and I agree that it was like the writer was sick of writing this story at the end and just needed to let people sort of know what happened after that.

What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Late Friday Book Report- Mockingjay

  1. I'm totally with you! Loved the first. Liked the second. Almost hated the last. It was rushed and just didn't feel genuine, which ties into your thoughts about the author just being done with it. I didn't think it would end in sunshine and roses – Katniss was so emotionally, mentally and physically damaged. And I was relieved that in the very end, she found her peace. But it was a disappointingly big letdown. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way! 🙂


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