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Wednesday Simple Living- Dr Bronner review

So I had heard great things about Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap, 18-in-1 Hemp Tea Tree. That is was all purpose and the last soap I would need to buy.  Well either I got the wrong kind or it is just not for me. I used the kind with tea tree and Hemp thinking that it would be especially good for my hair. After I washed my hair it felt like I had not washed it in months and used hair products every day. I could have made dreadlocks with my hair it was SO gross. I guess I will use the rest for hand soap or something. BOO I was so looking forward to not having to have many different products for cleaning. The star rating is great on Amazon but I did notice that one person said that she had to use the best sulfate free shampoo after using this stuff in her hair. I´ll keep trying it for other things but we will see if I find a purpose for it. Maybe it will make my wood floors shine?
Do you have a good all purpose soap? I was using California Baby but they recently changed the ingredients and have some chemicals in it that I wasn´t really wanting to use. But it does the job both for body and hair. I guess I will keep using it since it is better than the other stuff and just get a BIG gallon jug of it to refill the bottle I have. Reducing the waste. But this is just a body and hair wash. Maybe my hopes are too high to find one soap that can do it all.


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