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Saturday Sharing

This week I have been relearning how to be a stay at home mom. Of course my kids are older now and now my 4 year old only naps every once in a while which makes for the days that he doesn´t nap very long with no time for me. They have watched too much TV this week. I wasn´t feeling well. Mornings are where I get most of my housework done before I open the computer because if I start I get sucked into the vortex of the interwebs.

This week has been full of the boys fighting, yelling, pushing boundaries and crafting. I try to let them work out their own differences unless there if physical conflict involved. O is 4 and very touchy about what my 2 year old M says. M has some bad habits from daycare that need to be broken and I see some difficult time outs in the near future. They don´t seem to be missing daycare at all and have never asked to go back. This both makes me happy and sad that they were at a place they didn´t like.

M is potty training and has been doing pretty well lately. He is dry during the day but he still needs a night time diaper. I´ve decided that we have bought our last disposable diaper and during nap time I put a prefold and a cover on him.We use the Econobum by CottonBabys because it is a one size system from birth to potty training. It´s nice knowing that we will not have to spend any more money on diapers.We have AppleCheeks  pocket diapers in storage, which I LOVE, but since M only needs one or two a day it isn´t worth having to make a separate wash. I just throw the prefolds in with the towels and such. I´m looking forward to cloth diapering the new baby full time just like I did with O. At least now I know which products work for us and which don´t.

My in-laws have offered to take the boys for a week this summer and I am so thankful for all that they do for us and they are AMAZING with our kids. Hubster and I have been thinking of what to do for that week and maybe we might go on a mini vacation. Any suggestions? I can´t make up my mind if we should take a road trip to the beach, go to New Orleans or to the B&B that we got married in.


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