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Simple Living Wednesday

Part of me simple living experience is to reduce and reuse. Which for me means reduce the amount of trash leaving the house and recycle more or find things and products that have multiple uses. Today I´m going to talk about body hair and it´s removal. Shaving my legs and underarms use to have me going through razors often. and I´m a lazy European so it really bothered me having to shave every day to every other day. I thought about waxing but you have to buy something to throw away after each use but I was liking the fact that I wouldn´t have to deal with it but once every 3-4 weeks. So I did my research and found something called Silk-épil by Braun.

There are newer models but this one was cheap and does what I bought it for. It´s a little machine that pulls the hair out by the root which is what waxing does but this way I can do it myself and there is nothing to throw away after I´m done and I paid as much for the unit as it would cost to have my legs waxed once. It takes about 20 min to do each leg the first time you do it but with each time your hair becomes less and it´s only uncomfortable the first two times you use it unless you let time pass between uses then it is uncomfortable again if you let months pass. I still use a razor under my arms because I haven´t gotten brave enough to use it there. But with just shaving my armpits I use one razor a lot longer so there is a lot less waste. Another bonus is the hair that you have comes back softer and lighter.I´ve been using this product on and off for years now but now I am sticking to just using this on my legs. Just remember to exfoliate in between using this product, I just use my luffa sponge in the shower, so you don´t get ingrown hairs and to use lotion for beautiful skin.

How do you reduce your waste?


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