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Saturday Personal Update

Having fun on the trampoline!

I am officially a stay at home mother again. No work except for the most important job I can have in the world and that is to raise amazing children and take care of my husband. My job for the next few years is to declutter, organize, detoxify, and simplify my home. I want to walk into my home and love everything I see an be proud of how well it is being used. In the process, I will blog how well I am doing. I´m starting up my 10 item fling every Saturday to rid my home of clutter. I have designated a basket for those items in my kitchen for the items that can be donated or given away. The trash will of course go in the trash. Then I will try to find used or antique items that have multiple purposes to replace the things I have in my home that have only one purpose.

This week has been a busy week. I have mowed the front yard, done a mountain of laundry, finished up some last things for my former job, put clean sheets on all 3 beds, kept up with the dishes, made home made meals, gone to the grocery store with both boys in tow and of course some knitting and reading.

Next week will be full of the same plus I will copy my CDs and DVDs on to the home computer and then getting rid of the hard copies. This will get rid of quite a few things from our home next week. Also I need to dive into our closets and get rid of clothes that are outdated and don’t fit. I believe we will have a large yard sale soon. 

What are some of the things that you use in your home that has multiple purposes and how do you keep your home from getting cluttered?

The product I´m trying this week that has multiple purposes is Dr. Bronner´s Magic Soaps. It is suppose to be multi purpose and the only soap you will need in your whole home. We have used it as hand and body soap and I plan to try it to clean the bathroom and kitchen this week. Will update later on what I think about it. 


3 thoughts on “Saturday Personal Update

  1. I would love to declutter! We had a rather large single family home – 270 square meters – on 4 levels. We wanted to move to lucca, and the difference in property values meant buying a much smaller living unit! We now live in a 55 square meter loft type condominium apartment. Downstairs is one large open space room and upstairs is a loft bedroom, bathroom and laundry area. When we moved I really got rid of, gave away, sold lots of furniture and other things – but now after 5 years my “things” are taking over the living space!!! I am going to try and follow your example! 😉


  2. Yes. Decluttering is not easy for me. I come from the old school form of thinking when it comes to my dad that things might come in handy later. Which was true when people didn´t buy so much stuff on a regular basis. I´ve decided that if I bring anything into the home that is not food that 2 things will have to leave. Now I just have to think that it can be useful for someone else now instead of for me later.


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