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Friday Book Report- The Hunger Games Trilogy

So, when I heard the Hunger Games were coming out as a movie I decided to quickly read the first book before seeing the movie. I know that most everybody and their dog have already read this book or seen the movie since it broke all box office records. The book was a very quick and easy read and got me hooked on it straight away. I got very connected with Katniss and the writer, Suzanne Collins, did a great job of painting the picture of this post apocalyptic world that Katniss lives in. I use my kindle to read these books because you get one book borrowed each month for free if you have Prime which we do. I started reading the first book on March 30th and read the book in 3 days. Then I started straight away on the the next book, Catching Fire, for free and read it since it was after the first of the month and I could get it for free. I also finished it in 3 days. Again, very well written and really drew me in. Now I am reading the last book of the trilogy, Mockingjay, and it is different. I´m half way through and again I can´t seem to put it down. So far, I like it even though it took a little more time for it to get started. We will see what I say next week when I have finished the book. I know these books are considered teen fiction but I believe it would be hard for anyone not to connect with Katniss and her fighting for her life in the Hunger Games. This is not a book for young children. There is brutal death and plenty of suspense. There is love and feelings of confusion. Katniss is a survivor and I look forward to telling you how I feel about this last book when I finish it by next Friday.

For those of you that saw the movie and read the book what did you think?


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