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My Neglected Home, Garden and Hobbie.

Hello readers,

The rose bush in the back yard

As I walked through my garden and sighed last weekend I noticed my neglected home and all the things in it. I’ve been so busy becoming a professional that I had closed my eyes to the place I call home. How sad things have gotten around here. But when I started looking around my wild garden and over grown flowerbeds I still saw the beauty that I had put there long ago it was just hard to see for the weeds.

Flowers bloom in my flowerbeds, asparagus sprouts in my overgrown garden, the fruit tree bares fruit and my grass is so soft between my toes.

Inside my home it is harder to see as the clutter has taken over every surface and every space. I have been struggling this pregnancy to just keep up with the basics that keeping up with the clutter has escaped me. When I see this I think that my choice to quit working next month was a good one because my family deserves better. This I find disrespectful to both myself and my family for letting things get to this point. I am not ready to work outside the home yet since I seem to not be able to keep house and work with 2 kids, 4 years and younger, with the 3rd on the way.

My ever expanding belly.

Iris blooming in the back yard

Bush cherries!

Fruit tree fruiting. I believe it is peaches.


My sad veggie garden just weeds now

My birthday boy enjoying his birthday present
The tree I planted the fall before last and the flowers I planted last year.

Rose bushes in the front yard

Flowers I bought last fall but didn´t get planted until this spring.

O looking out the front storm door.

M enjoying some juice.

So here is my promise to me and my readers, one step at a time I will start blogging more again, knitting more, make my home the home I deserve to live in and my family can grow and develop in.

I want to thank all of the readers out there that have stuck with my blog for so long. Soon the knitting will be shown and the progress will be made.

Tell me, those of you that work and keep house, how do you manage it all?


2 thoughts on “My Neglected Home, Garden and Hobbie.

  1. Elsku Ólöf mín maður tekur einn dag í einu og notar mínotustjórnun það gerist ótrúlega margt á 1 mínotu og ég nota meðan ég er að elda matinn að taka úr vélinni þegar ég fer á wc. þríf ég í leinni en er ekki endilega að þrífa allt í einu svo það er ekki endilega allt hreynt í einu en er samt hægt að lifa við það.
    Sakna þin vona að nýji gormurinn dafni vel í bumbunni Til hamingju knús Guðrún


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