Coming Back Home

Me and my husband live in a small 1500 sq. ft. home and are expecting our 3rd child. I´ve been busy getting my master´s degree and now having a career on top of being pregnant and have lost sight of how important living a more sustainable life is to me. I use to be diligent in recycling, using our push mower in stead of our gas mower, using cloth instead of disposable diapers and napkins, repairing instead of throwing away clothing, drying clothes out on the clothes line instead of the dryer and growing my own food.

Now I use too many disposable cups and things, I eat out too much, I use disposable diapers, I have been throwing away my recycling all just because I am so tired with taking care of a family, being pregnant, and a full time job that keeping up with all the STUFF we have acquired is overwhelming.

Soon I will be quitting my job and staying home with my boys and this new baby. I hope to get the energy back to declutter my home and become proud of my eviroment and actions again. I will become a better mother and a better wife. My family deserves better than what is going on now.

Starting on August 1 I will quit my job as a Therapist and focus on my home and family and my knitting needles. I have designed a kindle cozy that I just need to finish writing up the pattern for. Soon it will be up on ravelry.

I stumbled upon a website that is helping me get back to my roots of being a tree hugging hippy. It is called the zero waste home. I don´t think I will go quite to her lengths of being frugal and wasteless but I do plan on doing better and show my kids how to respect the earth and their surroundings.

Thank you guys that have followed my blog for the past few years and I look forward to become more active on here soon.


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