1001 Secret Santa

Several of the girls on my 1001 book forum on www.ravelry.com got together and decided to do Secret Santa. We decided not to spend more than $20. I was so happy when I found this on my front pourch this morning.

In the package there was the book Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, a tin of whole leaf tea which is so yummy (having a cup of that as I type) and my favorit chocolate. I’m a chocolate snob and Lindt is my favorit. Thank you so much Kitterluvspurls.

I forgot to take a photo of what I sent my person but I’m not going to say much about it yet. I didn’t send it till yesterday so I was a bad Santa but better late than never and I hope she enjoys.

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3 thoughts on “1001 Secret Santa

  1. Well the rule was to be thrifty. In my package I made some things from fabric I already owned, some yarn to make something from a pattern I already owned and used, went to a used book store and got a book that she wanted and needed for one of our RAL and another I had gotten sent to me for free and I had read it and wanted to send it to someone that hadn´t read it yet, and made an assortment of teas an cocos from the loads of boxes of these things I already had at home. I also sent her my patterns that I designed as PDFs since I was a bad Santa and didn´t send the box of goodies till after Christmas. And some good chocolate that was on sale since it was Christmas chocolate. It was fun being thrifty and figuring out ways to get nice things together without spending more than $20.


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