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Merry Christmas Everyone! Icelandic and American Traditions.

Happy Holidays to all my readers. I just wanted to share a glimpse of what it is like on Christmas Morning for us. We are extremely lucky to get to puzzle together traditions from two different countries. That of my Icelandic background and the American traditions of my husband.

My knitting corner got a new lamp from my parents. It is the Eiffel Tower which was so fitting since we just came back from our trip to Paris. 

A cold coke made with real sugar and Nóa fine chocolates from Iceland. This is a family tradition from my side.

My Oldest brought this home from daycare. These are so much fun.

Traditional Icelandic Christmas Folk art

For as long as I can remember there hung a Santa head like this one but different between the living and the dinning room of my parents´ home. Now this one hangs between the living and the dinning room in my home.

The American Stocking Tradition and my new Master´s degree folder. I graduated with my Master´s in Psychology on the 15th of December.

These are all Icelandic Yul lads or Jólasveinar. They use to be trouble makers back in the day but now they are nice and leave presents in children´s shoes which the children leave in the window of their rooms. There are 13 Santas and they start showing up 13 days before Christmas. One comes each day before Christmas but little boys and girls have to be very good and go to bed on time to get anything.

American pancakes made with whole wheat for Christmas Morning breakfast.

Coffee a must in both countries.

Knitting basket over flowing but being ignored. I´ve not had the time or drive to finish these long forgotten projects.

O got his first camera. He loves it. It´s a Vtech – Kidizoom Spin & Smile Digital Camera
We got a pic of us taking pics of each other.

I got one of these. It is a Brilliantstore Logitech 720p Webcam C510 from my boys, the cats and the opossum that lives in our backyard. I will be starting some video podcasts soon on reading and knitting for mental health.

I got The Book Lover’s Journal from Santa. He left it in my stocking. I was so happy when I opened it up and saw that is doesn´t just have pages for book reviews but also for the books you have, books you are borrowing, books you want, book clubs you´re in and so on.

M got his own Wooden Train Tracks which he has not been able to stop playing with. Now they can lay tracks clear across the living room floor.  I was so happy to find the cheaper version that fit the Thomas stuff.

We´ve had way too much fun with Quercetti Marble Run today.

O got a new game for his MobiGo. Toy Story 3
I like this game system because there is both a touch screen and a keyboard.

Got Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share for the hubster. He follows his blog so I thought he would like the book. It´s from the boys to him.

Apparently these were good plain for a snack after opening presents.

What are some of the traditions that you keep with your family? Do you go chop down your own tree? All do secrete Santa? How is your family holiday different from everyone else´s?

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone! Icelandic and American Traditions.

  1. Great pictures – you have a beautiful family!! I love your Icelandic ornaments!

    We didn't do as much decorating as usual this year. My sister got married on 11.26 in NJ and my brother got married on 12.06 in CA so it was pretty hectic. Just our tree (we went with silver and gold ornaments this year) and a wreath on the door. The one Christmas morning tradition my family has is fresh homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee for adults and hot chocolate for kids while we open presents.

    Congratulations on your Master's degree!! My daughter is currently a sophomore at Temple in Philly going for her BA in Psych.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family from me and mine!


  2. Ria, I didn't get the decorations up completely til the 23rd. That is a bad Icelandic Christmas tradition. Wanted to do more baking but I didn't get too it. But it is very common in Iceland that decorations don't get put up til the 23 but we have the 13 days of Christmas where each Yul Lad leaves town each day of Christmas. We also have Christmas Parties where the children dance around the Christmas tree holding hands and singing the traditional Christmas songs.


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