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Dracula vs. Frankenstein review

  I recently finished reading Brian Stocker´s Dracula and have to admit that it was a lot better than Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I read Frankenstein first and I have to admit that I thought that Dr. Frankenstein was a bit of a pansy. All he did was complain and moan about how horrible his life was when he had created this monster and left the poor thing to fend for itself. The story told from the Dr’s perspective annoyed me but when I read the monster’s story I really enjoyed it and it was really written well so that you could feel the monster’s loneliness and need for companionship. The human men in the story seemed a bit feminine. You can really tell that the story is written by a woman. Because when the letters are written by the men they talk much more about feelings and such than the average guy. The talk of needing companionship from another man borderlines on being homosexual in nature but if it were a woman talking like that about the need for feminine companionship it would sound natural. I thought maybe that back when the book was written that it would have been more natural to speak that way but I don’t know. My knowledge there is limited.

Dracula on the other hand is fantastic. It is a book about how a group of great people get together to rid the world of a great vampire named Dracula. I really enjoyed the whole book and before reading it I had seen several Dracula movies I don’t think that any of them did the book justice and that if someone were to take the book on now that they could do a much better job of it with today’s technology. The format it was written in is fun too. I really enjoy reading books that are written like journal entries or letters to one another and this books is composed of letters, journal entries, news clips, and telegrams. It just comes together so nicely and really builds the characters nicely. It also has great suspense and great descriptions. I give Dracula 4 and a half stars out of 5. Shaving off half a star just because of how it went on a little bit.

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