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Nook Users Beware! Nook Review

I Recently started having problems accessing my Nook Books on my iPhone and iPad. I have spent quite a bit of money on books with Nook. I read a lot of eBooks. Well suddenly all of my books on both devices were gone and I needed to redownload them again. I didn’t see it as a problem at the time since I knew that they were sill in my Nook online library. Boy was I wrong not to worry. I start trying to redownload my books and it tells me that there is an error and that I need to try again later. I wait a few days and try again. Same error. Then I wait a few days and try again. Well I’m a very busy girl so I didn’t have time to deal with it and call trouble management until today. I wanted to make homemade bread with dinner tonight, and the recipe book for the bread is on my Nook app, so I call and ask them to fix the problem. They said that my credit card had expired and that I needed to update it to access the books that I ALREADY HAVE PAID FOR. They told me that if I didn’t give them credit card information that I would not be allowed to download the books I have already purchased. I talk to manager after manager. They tell me that I will get a warm transfer and that they will explain the situation to the next person and I get someone that pretends not to hear me and hangs up on me (I use to work at a call center and saw people do this all the time so that it would shorten their call times to meet quota. I never did because I have integrity). I have to call again and explain the whole thing again. I am on the phone for 2 hours being bumped from one person to another and each says that I have to give them credit card information to access a product I have already paid for. I asked for a refund and they said that they would do that and then they come back and say that they won’t. They don’t even stick to what they say in the same phone call. I have hundreds of dollars worth of product with nook that I can’t access unless I give nook more information about myself. I PAID for the product but I don’t get to use it. Barns and Noble will hold on to it unless I will give them credit card info. They said “Don’t worry we won’t charge it. We just have to have it on file for the publishers so that you can download the books.” The books that I have already paid for. It isn’t a rental where I have to return them. They are my property now that I have paid for it. So, Don’t think that just because you pay for those eBooks at Barns and Noble that it means that you get to keep accessing them. You are going to have to be willing to always give Barns and Noble access to your financial information.  I even asked if I could pay the difference and just get the paper books and they said no. They were completely unwilling to fix this problem. I give the nook two thumbs down for costumer service and label them Thieves! If you one day become smart and get rid of all of your credit cards you will not be able to get your eBooks from your Nook library. They penalize people that are smart with their money.
The website is easy to navigate and the prices are similar to the Kindle prices but I will stick to my Kindle thank you very much where I get all of my free books for the reading through the 1001 books you should read before you die and they don’t access my device and take back the books I have downloaded when my credit card info runs out.

5 thoughts on “Nook Users Beware! Nook Review

  1. Thank you Rachel. I went to the BBB with it. I read the Terms and conditions and what it reads like to me is that I have to have a valid CC to set up the account and to purchase and download to begin with. It does not have a clear statement that says that I have to keep giving them updated CC info to access my books.


  2. Holy Crap!! That's f'd up!! It's not like after I buy a paper book with a cc they can come to my house and take it back – that would be theft and so is this!!


  3. We also live credit card free life and what I did for my B&N account was got a prepaid card one with my name on it and then use gift cards for all my book buying. And then on my pc I have Calibre and down load all my books to it and then the books I have read I save them on a micro sd card.This system works great for me, if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at quiltingvickie@mmsn.com hope this helps you out. Vickie


  4. Calibre is great cu you down load the books and thay can not stop you from useing them even if you close the account and I can also buy from any other e book store and it can convert it to the format I need for my nook, not stuck oly buying from B&N.
    I love it.Good luck and I hope I helped


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