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The Wacky Windmill Giveaway

Hello everybody! Long time no post again! Well this time I come baring gifts. The amazing Kim or KimLyn as she is known on ravelry has blessed me with her talent. She has sent me some of her hand dyed roving for me to play with and I am ecstatic. She is the owner and artist behind The Wacky Windmill product, blog and Etsy store.

Kim was nice enough to send me the October roving from the Big Bang Theory fiber club and it was the killer robot instability themed. It amazingly came with the roving, a robot charmed stitch marker and 2 crayons shaped like robots from a place that re-purposes crayons on which my kids LOVE.

Kim sent this all the way from Canada and when she said that it was on its way then I got so excited that I couldn’t wait to play with it. Little did I know what life had in store for me and my family but my kids got ill and I got ill and before I knew it November had arrived. I feel so ashamed that this review took so long to manifest itself.

The fiber is just so amazing and so soft. It is a 100% Super Fine Merino Wool Top and the colors in it are just, I don’t even know if I have the words. The light purplish grey, dark purple and the red and pink just come together like a well rehearsed dance with passion. I can’t wait to make yarn with this and then make something beautiful for myself. Might even be a shawl. I’ve started spinning with it but the photos that I have of the yarn does not do the in real life look justice. I will post photos of that later so that I can get this post up and running.

Here is a bit of Kim´s amazing story as she tells it.

“I picked up crochet about 15 years ago when I found out I was going to be an aunt for the first time and decided to make a blanket for my future niece or nephew. Turned out it was a niece whom I love dearly. I kept up with crochet casually, but then really got into it when I was diagnosed about 6 1/2 years ago with Stage III Hodgkins Disease which is a cancer of the lymph nodes. I have been cancer free now for a little over 5 years, but crochet and other crafts helped to get me through treatments and made me feel I had something useful to do. From there the obsession has only increased. I taught myself to knit a couple years ago, and then I also started spinning and weaving earlier this year. I loved it so much that I started dyeing my own yarns and fibres. My friends liked them, and so I figured if they liked them, then others might like them too. I started up my shop to share my yarns and fibres with others and hopefully they get as much enjoyment from them as I do.
My full time job is working as an Addictions Counsellor at a residential treatment centre. It can be pretty high stress sometimes, so knitting and spinning especially are helpful in keeping me stress free and balanced.´’

The treat that I have to offer is……… You get the December club roving OR YARN which is going to be called Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty with the treats that come with it if you follow the rules of the giveaway you can enter up to 4 times.
Here are the rules:
1. You need to go to Kim’s Etsy store and look at her products. There is yarn and spinning fiber.
2. Pick out what of her products you enjoy the best.
3. Come back to my blog and state what you liked the best in the comments to this blog post and make sure to leave a way to contact you. It can be an email, your ravelry name, or an address where the fiber can be sent.
4 you get an extra entry if you start following my blog and leave a second entry stating how you are following my blog.
5. You get another entry if you go to The Wacky Windmill site and follow it and then come back and tell me that you are following it in the comments of this blog entry.
6. Last but not least if you blog or tweet about this giveaway and then come back and leave in the comments a link to your blog or tweet then you will get another entry.
7. Each entry has to have it’s own comment and contact information so we can tell you if you have won.

I will draw from the comments using to find the winner on Sunday the 13th of Nov 2011 at 10pm.


90 thoughts on “The Wacky Windmill Giveaway

  1. I love the idea of a Big Bang Theory-themed club and the fibre you got is gorgeous. I can only imagine how lovely Soft kitty, warm kitty would be.
    She has beautiful fibres (and yarn) in her store. I'm really drawn to the Wonderland roving, but the Grape Splash batt is calling to me as well…

    ilina on Rav


  2. It's really nice to see a new post from you, I've missed reading! I really love the Panda Blend fiber, it looks dreamy to spin. I'm head over heels for the “Rustic Tide” colorway. I also really love the theme of the fiber club-I'm a fan of the show and she's cleverly translated it to beautiful and useful supplies. I'm PurlVerde on Ravelry, thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  3. Aaaand lastly, I don't remember how I connected originally through your blog, but I get your new blog posts directly in my email inbox as soon as you post one (which is my favorite way!).
    I'm PurlVerde on Rav.


  4. First, I have to say that I LOOOOVVVE that she is doing a Big Bang yarn club!! It would be so great to knit something with the Soft Kitty song playing in my head! =}

    My favorite yarn was the handspun in Midnight Splendor – the subtle colors are just gorgeous!!



  5. What a fabulous giveaway! I SO love TBBT!! my Favorite yarny goodness from Kim's etsy store was the Baby Alpaca / Silk / Cashmere – Sport Sock 2-ply – 400 yards / 100 grams – Love Struck – oooo pink!
    Girlieknitwit on rav


  6. I love the Key to My heart stictch markers! So great! And how about the Washed out Superhero merino wool fiber! How can you possibly choose one thing…I love it all!

    tangledknits [at] gmail [dot] com


  7. Wow! What incredible colors Kim has!! But my absolute favorite yarn is the Tealing Blue Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon I love happy colors like that!!
    I am jjlrdomom on Ravelry. Thanks for this great giveaway!


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