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Scrumptious Toppers for Tots and Toddlers. Book Review.

Scrumptious Toppers for Tots and Toddlers: 30 Hats and Caps from Debby Ware

I received Scrumptious Toppers for Tots and Toddlers: 30 Hats and Caps from Debby Ware  as a gift and when I saw the cover I thought “oh how fun!” But then I started looking through it and my heart fell a little. In every photo it shows that the hat is not long enough to cover the child’s ears and I just have to say that the color choices are often horrific. I know that I can choose my own colors and lengthen the hat to fit my child but then when I really look at them there is nothing in this book that I want to make for my sons. The only hat that I sort of like is the Tea Garden Hat and that is because it has a brim and it isn’t suppose to cover ears but that is for a girl which I do not have. I would link to it on Ravelry but nobody seems to have knit it and only 23 hats have been linked to this book. The kids are cute in the photos but the hats just are not making it on the kids’ heads. They look too small and the colors again are not flattering.

On the other hand the patters seem well written and it looks like it would be easy to follow them but I don’t know what to do with this book now. Keep it for that one hat I like out of it in case I have a girl?

Any of you ever had this happen? Gotten a book on the Internet or as a gift and thought that you would really like it, but when you opened it to look at it you were very disappointed in what was on the pages in the book?


3 thoughts on “Scrumptious Toppers for Tots and Toddlers. Book Review.

  1. I see what you mean, just from the few hats in the Amazon preview. The cupcake birthday hat clearly is too small for that baby's head. But some of the other hats look too small for a real baby's head, also. Maybe they live where it's warmer and don't have to worry about about keeping baby's ears warm — these really cute hats may be more for decoration and taking photos. Of course, many babies pull hats off instantly, so you have to take those photos really fast.

    On the other hand, you've hit the point precisely regarding finding patterns that are good for little boys. It's really hard to find patterns that work well for boys, and you'll find that it gets worse as they get older. Check out the Ravelry group called Knitting for Boys as well as the Knits for Toddlers group that has a few threads listing patterns people like for boys. Knitting above 5 sometimes has relevant topics, though that's been a quiet forum in recent months.


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