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Yarn Play!


Hello everybody! I´m happy to announce that my Spring 2011 semester is over and that my Summer semester in Grad School will not start till the beginning of June. At the end of July I will finish my last class in my Master´s Degree in Counseling Psychology and will only have internship left in the fall. I can´t believe that this degree is almost over. Graduation is in December.

But enough about that. Do you SEE this yarn?!!! I got it in the mail 2 days ago and I have been dieing to start knitting with it. It is a test yarn called Arroyo from Malabrigo and these are test colors that I am trying and going to let them know what I think of and you will also get to know. The top one is called Arcoiris, the Red one is called Jupiter, the dark one to the left is called Escoria, and the grey ones are called Plomo. It´s a sport weight superwash merino wool and Oh I am so in love. I can´t wait to wind it up and then knit it up into something amazing. Just touching them is amazing.

What yarn are you really loving these days?


4 thoughts on “Yarn Play!

  1. Congrats on being almost done!

    And, how do I get cool yarn in the mail to test? Do I have to be as awesome as you…? (I don't know if I'll ever be there!)


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