Quick Update.

I only have a week of this semester left and then only one more semester of classes and then another semester of internship and then I will have finished my Master´s of Science in Counseling Psychology. Sigh. It´s been a tough semester with 2 small kiddos but been worth it. I can´t wait to finish and start really making a difference in this world.
Happy Late Easter and Passover: I was super busy this weekend so I forgot to wish this to everyone.

The Easter chicks at my brother´s house

O in his Easter best

M looks like he thinks his chocolate egg is not big enough.

My Parents are here and have been such a help.

Here are some of the things I have been working on.

Still adding to the scrappy blanket

The things I am making for my great nephew that will be born in a few weeks

Tea Leaf getting some love again.

These just need thumbs now.

Jumped on the bandwagon and helped Japan


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