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Skill + 1 Up

Day two of the……

And today we are talking about skill level and how my skill has changed in both my knitting and crocheting this past year.
I know after knitting all of these toys and not having ever knit toys before that my skill in toy making has much improved.

You get the point.

My crocheting got a lot better since all I had made in the past was purses and here are the shoes I made for M. They were a real learning experience.

I tried my hand in designing

I never thought I would call myself a designer but here I am. I was even laughing at the thought of it last time me and my husband went out for lunch. The last project is still in the works and I’m enjoying the process of designing it. It’s a fun way to learn a lot of different stitches. I hope to have it for sale some time in the fall.

How have you evolved this year?



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