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A Tale of Two Yarns

As a part of  the second Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (this is my first year participating) I am starting my first post and it is about two yarns. One I LOVE an the other not so much.

OK on to the one I LOVE. OK I got to this point and had picked one yarn and then I thought of another and I love them because of two totally different reasons. Maybe I will just do two that I love for totally different reasons. OK I have settled on that.

The first one is Bambino from Be Sweet yarns. The reason I like it is two fold. First it is so amazing to touch and just sooooo soft. It does split a little if you are not paying attention when knitting with it but the way it feels makes up for that one thousand times over. The second reason I really LOVE this yarn is the company that makes it. It is so social and eco friendly and just has the whole feeling of what humanity should be all about. Be sweet was nice enough to sponsor the sisters toy which after I finished them had a whole bunch of left over yarn which I used to make premee hats for the children’s hospital here in Tulsa. I also donated the Sisters reversible to that I knitted with it.

Those were the softest things I have ever knitted. I would love to knit myself a short robe out of it and just wear it all the time with nothing underneath that is how soft it is. 😉

OK on to my second yarn that I LOVE. I have to say Balance by O-Wool was such a pleasure to work with as well. I really loved working with it. It’s a 50/50 organic wool and organic cotton in a DK weight and it’s not scratchy. it has this hard to describe texture to it but yummy all the same. sort of cottony but not as stiff as cotton can be. It also has this rustic look to it that just makes the product look like and heirloom. This was another sponsor of mine while I was knitting through the itty-bitty toy book and  I knit the baby bird in the egg and a nest too with what the owner sent me and I still have plenty left over to make the rest of the reversible toys.

I would love to get my hands on some of the Balance bulky in the brown or the light blue and make jackets for my two boys. Maybe when I get rich. I’m sort of on a yarn diet since we can’t afford anything right now.
I love the fact that all the O-Wool products are eco friendly and the preson behind the company is such a good person with a large heart.

Thank you guys for stopping by and if you don’t have the time to blog what are your two favorite yarns?



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