Seed Companies-Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Like I promised in my last post I said that I would start posting about my experiences with seed companies.

Today It is Baker Creek that I would like to talk about.

I am all about organic non genetically altered seeds and I really love growing things that you can´t get in the grocery store. The seeds being heirloom is an absolute plus. Last year I signed up for their seed book. I looked through it and wanted to try growing everything but realized that it would be way to expensive and I was having a hard time narrowing down my selection. To make it easier on myself I decided to get the Southern small heirloom package. It has 15 types of veggies and 30 varieties.

I didn´t try everything in the tin because my family doesn´t eat all of it but the things we did try were great. The only thing I wasn´t very thrilled about was the french cuc for pickling because it was so extremely prickly. I did let my garden get a bit out of hand last summer because of me having a baby but I´m looking forward to expanding my garden and using the seeds that I have left over and adding a few more to the package.

I did have 2 packages that just didn´t sprout for me but I contacted the company and they replaced it and they are on their way to me as we speak.

As you can see I over planted my  2 beds last year. We will see what I get from them this year to try.

If you order from Baker Creek Tell them That I sent you.

What do you want to grow this year?


4 thoughts on “Seed Companies-Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

  1. I love heirloom seeds. My mother kept her own seeds for a very long time, until things happened and they went to waste – so sad! Are you saving the seeds from your plants? If so, do you worry about cross-pollination between the different varieties of the same vegetable?


  2. Lovely beds, you should have seen mine last year 😦 Don't know what happend but not even the lettuce grew…I hope for better luck this year :-)Even though the snow is still 1 metre deep here…


  3. I've purchased from Baker Creek before. So have some of my relatives who live in that area. I think its a very reputable company.

    I didn't know they sold a tin of seeds, though! I'm going there next!


  4. Baker Creek seed packages and catalogs are indeed lovely. However, I have been a vendor in one of their stores, and I am saddened to say that the image they try to project to the public is not accurate. My experience with Baker Creek is that they have a great deal of staff turnover- which suggests some problems with business management. In addition, they are very poor communicators, and will not respond when a vendor has a concern. The sense I received is that only the people who buy seeds are important to them. Third, their stores are closed on many weekends, which makes buying seeds and gifts in person almost impossible for people who work.

    Although I'm glad people find Baker Creek seeds successful in their gardens, as someone who has had personal experience with this company, I think they are not what they seem.


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