Free pattern. Preemie/Newborn Santa Hat!

My free pattern for the holidays. I designed this while knitting hats for my local NICU.

Gauge 5 across and 7 and a half up in one inch

Plymouth Yarn Dream Baby DK in red and white (could be knitted in just plain baby colors and it could just be a cute little pixie hat)

tools needed
4 double pointed needles in size 3 or size to obtain gauge.
cardboard to make pompom
tapestry needle


Cast on 50 (59) st  of the white on a size 3 needle. I use 4 double pins. Putting 18 (21) St on each of the 3 needles and using the 4th to knit with.
row 1,3,5 knit
row 2,4,6 purl
Row 7-23 (7-26) knit using red
Row 24(27) *k7(5), k2tog* rep. (44(50))
Row 25 (28) k
Row 26 (29) *k6(4), k2tog* rep.(38(41)
Row 27(30) k
Row 28(31) *k5(3), k2tog* rep (32 (32))
Row 29(32) k
Row 30(33) *k4, k2tog* rep (26)
Row 31-33(34-36) k
Row 34(37) *k3, k2tog* rep(20)
Row 35-37(38-40) k
Row 38(41) *k2, k2tog* rep (14)
Row 39-41(42-44) k
Row 42(45) *k1(0), k2tog* rep (8)
Row 43-45(46-48) k
Row 46(49) *k2tog* rep (4)
Row 47(50) k2tog, k2 (3)
knit in i-cord till it measures half and inch. then bind off
Make a 1 inch pompom and attach it to the end of the i-cord.

Weave in the ends and then give it to the lucky baby.


8 thoughts on “Free pattern. Preemie/Newborn Santa Hat!

  1. I feel like the count is off when you start the decreases. With 50 stitches on the needles if you stitch 7 then 2 together that is 9. ( does not divide into 50 evenly ). Or is the number of stitches reversed for the two sizes when it comes to the decreases?


  2. Hello, I would like to do this and I was wondering if circle needles will work, or does it have to be done with 4 double sided needles?


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