Knitting for Charity.

I have decided to start knitting preemie caps for my local NICU this holiday season. To think of all the little boys and girls fighting for their life and spending their first Christmas in the NICU makes me sad and I want to do something for them. Like you saw in my previous post I have made a preemie hat pattern that takes me only 44 min to knit (the average length of my favorite show when watching it on Netflix) I wanted to share it with you and hopefully inspire more people to spend only 44 min to knit a baby hat for a child in need of your thoughts and prayers.
At the moment I am using up the left overs of the yarn that was sponsored by Be Sweet and it is so soft and amazing that I couldn’t think of a better purpose for this yarn than to pass on the love to tinny tinny people.
If you would like to join me you can knit these up and give them to your local NICU, send them to me to be given to my local NICU, or if you would like to help but don’t have time, you can go to my tip jar on the left hand side of my page and donate money for yarn for the little Santa hats (making a pattern for these and posting it on Monday) I want to make for these little ones for the holidays. Leave as much or as little as you want. If every one just gave a dollar or 50 cents then I would have mores than enough for the 40+ babies that are going to be in the NICU this holiday. If you do donate. Add a note that the donation is for yarn for the NICU and also leave your address because the Children’s Foundation likes to send out thank you cards to those that help. If you are not comfortable with giving your address then your e-mail address will have to do for them.
Please call your local NICU before starting your projects because they might have restrictions on what material you can use. All my local NICU wants is that is it soft, new and washable.
When it comes to sizing then the hats can range from the size to fit an orange to fit a grapefruit so you could use that as a guide.

Here is the pattern

44 min Bambino Preemie Hat

With Be Sweet bambino or another light worsted weight yarn cast on 52 st on a size 4 US needle (you can use bigger or smaller needles to make various sizes for the NICU).
*K2, p2* to the end of the round for 20 rows (you can add a few rows here if you would like to roll up the sides)
Row 21: *k1, k2tog, p1* rep to end (39 st remain)
Row 22:*k2, p1* rep to end
Row 23: *k1, k2tog* to end (26st)
Row 24: knit all st.
Row 25: k2tog all st. (13 st)
Row 26: k2tog all st to the last st then knit it (7 st)
Row 27: k2tog 3 times k1 (4 st)
Row 28: with dpn k2tog k2 (3st)
Work in I-cord til it measures an inch long. Cut yarn leaving a 6 inch long tail,pull it through the remanding stitches, and thread it on a yarn needle then either whip stitch the end to the base of the I-cord or tie a knot on the i-cord.

There are many other free preemie and newborn hats on ravelry and I plan to post some more patterns as I design them here on my blog through out the month.


5 thoughts on “Knitting for Charity.

  1. Thanks for the pattern and your wonderful charity knitting. I lost 2 nieces this year because of how early they were born. Anything helps, even it just gives the family that extra bit of comfort. I'm going to be doing the same thing. My goal is to knit up all my sock yarn leftovers into preemie hats by February.


  2. I was a 25 week preemie. I weighed 2 lbs. 4 ozs. I have been crocheting bereavement blankets for our local hospital. I have been looking for hat patterns that I might be able to knit. I don't knit in the round or on double pointed needles, but I plan to learn. Thank you for the pattern.


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