Dream in Color Sponsor- Navajo Knitting

Dream in Color was nice enough to sponsor the yarn I needed to make the Hippo on my quest to knit through the Itty-Bitty Toys book by Susan B Anderson and an extra skein to give away. One of my lucky readers is going to win this amazing skein of Dream in Color Baby.

I used the pink for the hippo tripling it, using the Navajo method, to get the right gauge.
The Navajo Method triples yarn using just one strand of yarn. Check out this Video from YouTube.

I have to say that I didn’t try to knit this yarn as a lace weight yarn since I tripled it to make it a worsted weight but loved the way it came out using the Navajo method. This made a very sturdy fabric and made the hippo feel great. I do have some yarn left over and might try my hand in a little lace but I don’t have time for it till after the holidays.
The pink brown color did not excite me at first but when I started knitting it up using the Navajo method the color really came out great. I’m very happy with it. I did use a little Palette KnitPicks yarn for the inside of the ears and the bottoms of the feet. I only doubled it since it was fingering weight. It came out very nice. My 2 and a half year old has had this love for hungry hungry hippos and really likes this toy and keeps saying that the hippo is hungry.This hippo even survived being washed the other day using wool wash because my oldest pored chocolate milk over it by accident. Actually I had to was the whole basket of knitted toys and they were fine after. I was amazed and happy that I can do this once a year to keep them clean.

Now to the giveaway. I don’t know what the name of the blue color is but it is yours if you win it. 

You have 4 chances to win if you follow the rules.

Here are the rules for this giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on what you would use this skein of lace for or tell me what you are working on right now and a way to be contacted.
2. Sign up to follow my twitter account @olofdrofn and then come back to leave a comment with a way to contact you.
3. Become a follower of this blog or sign up for e-mail feeds at the bottom of the page then come back and leave a comment and a way to contact you.
4. Write a blog post about this and link it to this blog by going to the bottom of this post, click on links to this post and then create a link to this post then come back and leave a comment with a link to the post and a way to contact you.

Sign up for this Giveaway will be open til midnight on the 28th of November 2010

Good luck to you all!


83 thoughts on “Dream in Color Sponsor- Navajo Knitting

  1. Thanks for the chance to win! I would use this yarn (my favorite color) to knit a short version of the Lace ribbon Scarf by Veronik Avery and use buttons to make it more of a cowel/neck warmer. I knit one last Christmas for my mom and it's beautiful – would love to have one for myself. Thanks! Stephanie


  2. Thanks so much for sharing that video. I have never thought of apply spinning techniques to knitting like that. It's such a great idea and looks like it worked wonders for you! And I must say, I think you've sold me on this book! I'll have to order it or ask for it for Christmas! It would have been good to have since I'm trying to knit a stuffed animal right now for my best friends newborn!


  3. following you!

    i am very interested to trying your navajo doubling/tripling method.

    i would use this yarn for a pottery/clay themed project. as i don't see anything on ravelry, it would mean designing one.

    super cute hippo by the way


  4. gorgeous color……not sure what i'd do with it yet, i'm not a big lace-knitter, so doubling it up might be the better bet!! if so, then something like a scarf, or fingerless mitts…..
    what i've currently got OTN is a sideways pull-through scarf for my SO, striping two rows each of a blue, teal, and tan (knitpicks gloss DK); a “girlfriend market bag”, in cheap white kitchen cotton; and a set (8!!) of “toasy pocket creatures” that i'm doing for all the kids for x-mas (two per kid)…..i've gotta get cracking!!
    btw, the heffalump is adorable!!

    -oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry


  5. I love your hippo. And thanks for the heads up about the knitting method. I will definately try that later. I am just about to cast on for an ishbel shawl using laceweight that my aunt bought me the pattern for. If I won the yarn I'd probably make the matching beret for my aunt!
    buffythesage on ravelry


  6. Great post! Another technique to try, thanks! DIC is one of my favorite yarn makers… lace is always a favorite and always on the needles! I have three shawls I am working on at the moment, not to mention a hat, two pairs of mittens, three sweaters, four pairs of socks and an afghan. 🙂 It's not my fault though, the yarn speaks to me!


  7. I love the color… after all this Christmas knitting I've been doing for everyone else, I can very easily see myself kicking back with this gorgeous blue yarn to make a small triangular shawlette or lacy wrap.

    (BangersAndMash on Ravelry or


  8. I'd love a chance at the DIC yarn! I've never used the lace before but I love the Classy.

    I'm working on a pair of Chicago Bears socks – one done, one to go.


  9. Katiebunny from Ravelry here; saw your post and figured I'd take a look at the pretty yarn. Wowza!

    That blue would look absolutely beautiful as a mini-annis and matching fingerless mitts. If I won, they'd be made for my mother. She has helped me with projects, blocking, bought me inspirational yarn as gifts in the past, along with all the other stuff moms do…she is generally awesome 🙂 This would be such a stunning way to say thank you to her.


  10. That hippo is really cute!
    I am currently trying to finish a Traveling Woman piece that I am hoping to give a friend for the holidays.
    I have several other shawlettes on my list to make and I think this yarn would be perfect for one of those!
    (Halloweentango on Rav)


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