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Itty-Bitty Update and Knitting Fever Sponsor.

Since the giveaway I have finished knitting the Frog and the Turtle from Itty-Bitty Toys and started the sisters and that is about all I have done.

The Frog and the Turtle were sponsored by Knitting Fever. Susie with Knitting Fever was nice enough to send me the yarn to make this toy. They were made with Ella Rae Classic Wool . Knitting Fever has so many amazing colors in this yarn. It is a classic wool so it’s not super soft but softer than many other classic wools. It knits up evenly and makes a nice fabric. It would knit up great as a blanket or an outer sweater. The lighter green is a heather and I LOVE the color. 

The Sisters are knitted with an amazing yarn and I can’t wait to finish them and do the giveaway that comes it them. You all will be very excited as well when you find out. Anybody want to guess.

Everybody but me have been sick here at my house. One bad, bad cold. So I have had no free time to knit. Too tired. I’ve been wiping noses and of course since M is so little the cold made him gag and usually this happened in the middle of the night so I had to clean up vomit as well. Oh the beauty of motherhood.

I did manage to read a book though. I read Sh*t My Dad Says. It was so funny and I will be doing a separate post as a review of that book. I don’t think I have read anything that funny and great in a long time. I also finished up Candide by Voltaire and I’m working on Through the Looking-Glass. Candide was interesting and makes you think a little. A bit odd when I first started reading but very readable once I got into it. Through the Looking-Glass is a bit hard for me to read. It is so random but I want to finish it. Nothing is keeping me interested though except that I know I should finish it to know the story.

Tomorrow I will do doing a review and giveaway of the yarn I used to make the hippo so stay tuned.

What do you have on your needles?


3 thoughts on “Itty-Bitty Update and Knitting Fever Sponsor.

  1. Right now, I'm working on a hat, and it is sooo ugly. I ordered Caron Simply Soft, and the colors just don't look good. I like the design I'm doing though, so maybe I'll make it again, with a better color 🙂


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