Itty-Bitty Update.

Another week goes by with little actual knitting going on. The boys finished their colds and then I was worried that M had an ear infection because he kept pulling at his ear and was very fussy. I have done nothing but wake up many times a night and carry him around during the day. Lucky me, my mom is here to pick up the slack on the house keeping front. I finally took M to the Dr. and it´s just teeth. The two top teeth are coming in at once. I spent $68 dollars for a visit to tell me that its just teeth.

I managed to finish the mama duck and ducklings from Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B Anderson. I found out that you don´t need 2 skeins of the yellow after all so if you are about to buy the yarn for this project you only need one skein of each color but really the orange and the green you only need a 5th of a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Organic Cotton. I will tell you more when I do the giveaway. I am just waiting for the sponsor to get back to me and then I will post it.

I´ve started the Hippo which will be pink and made with Dream in Color Baby in the Cool Fire colorway tripled using the Navajo method. I really like the way the fabric is knitting up. Tripling the yarn is really making this toy feel nice and durable. The Navajo method also makes variegated yarn look great.

I´m finishing M´s Cubba. I was using the left over yarn from the chocolate wrap me up puppy and it is coming along quite well. Very soft. Might line it with a super soft micro fleece.

Then yesterday in a frenzy of figuring out what to make for the neighbor boys birthday I started designing a elephant puppet. We will see if it comes out well and if I will actually like it well enough to give it away. Maybe I will knit up a quick hat as well. What do you guys think of it so far?
That is it for the knitting front. I thought I had been lazy but somehow in between holding M, blowing noses, changing diapers and my sleepless nights I was able to get all of this done. But That is just because I have an amazing mom that has been helping out.
Takk Mamma  mín!

Since my parents are here me an hubs are going to get a date night together. This is the best present anybody can do for us. I LOVE when my parents do this for us. They come in, fix all the things around the house that need fixed, clean everything and then take our kids for us so that we can have a healthy relationship.
Anybody have any ideas of what we should go do this night that we are getting? It´s no more than 3 hours since I´m breastfeeding and M will get super hungry.


5 thoughts on “Itty-Bitty Update.

  1. Just discovered your nice site, after buying the Itty-bitty book myself. Now I'am wondering when you plan to do the “Lion and elephant”-reversible buddies…? And if you then will use the original O-wool Balance (which is unknown to me), or another yarn? When you take your first move, I will follow, I just need some guidance and inspiration first 🙂


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