art journaling

Art Journaling

Me and O have started Art Journaling on the days that he does not go to Preschool. He really enjoys the process and so do I. Here are some photos from our work.

Now here is my work starting with the design that I made for the cover I don´t know if I am finished with it or if I will add to it later. I do know that I need some water color pastels and that I added them to my x-mas list.


2 thoughts on “Art Journaling

  1. I love that you are introducing your son to art journaling. As a former nursery school teacher it always makes me happy to see children who are encouraged to be creative at home. I was always amazed when children came to school and told us that they weren't allowed to paint or play with clay at home because it was too messy. The worst thing I encountered was parents who forced their child to do art projects “correctly.” My heart always ached for the children who were afraid to make a mistake or color outside the lines because, It would make their mommy sad.”
    Next time, please show your son's artwork too.


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