Been a bad knitting blogger.

So this week has been about my family and no my knitting. My boys have been suffering this horrible head cold and now my husband has it too. My parents also came into town on Friday night and I had a spa day and a birthday party on Saturday. So I have been busy.

I´ve made most of the Mama Duck and Ducklings but I haven´t finished them so you will have to be patent with me and wait for me to finish before I can get to the giveaway. You won´t be sorry that you waited. I still need to go to the store for the wheels and dowels and the baby ducks need beaks and wings. Then I need to make the I-cords. 
Since I posted last I have worked on the ducks,

a new Collared Cabled Cowl,

knit a few rows on M’s Cubba,

and a bit on my Big Montana Tunic.

On the family front: M is developing so quickly from being a baby into a kid. He watches his brother play and is quick to mimic. He started letting go of what he is holding on to while standing this week as well. I can’t wait for him to start walking and making it easier to have both boys in the back yard playing.

O has been doing so well at preschool and surprises us every day with new words that he has learned. He still says a lot of things that we can not understand but he is now trying both in English and in Icelandic. Oh, and his fav cartoon right now is The Mario Brothers from the 90’s on Netflix. Who would have thought that my son would like the cartoon that I use to watch as a kid.


4 thoughts on “Been a bad knitting blogger.

  1. Suddenly I am being asked to log into a place called LUNCHBOX REVIEWS every time I come to your page. I thought it might be a problem with my computer, but virus scan neg, as with all othe protectiive software. Just started this evening. Anyway, cute, cute, cute! The when I first scrolled the page I thought the two potato chips were booties!


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