Happy B-day to Me!

It´s my birthday today and I thought I would update you. Well I posted a new photo of me on my profile so you know what I look like on my 29th birthday.
Hubby was nice and gave me a mixer for my birthday and took me out to lunch to P.F. Changs where I got my fav meal. Coconut curry veggies with added lamb. Then we went to Starbucks for desert.
Saturday I will be having a Spa day with a birthday party with friends in the evening. I can’t wait. I’ll be making my famous punch, Liquid Lust. It gets people happy very quickly.

I finished my birthday shawl. It turned out great I just need to wash and block it with a little lavender to get the wool smell out of it and soften up the fibers. It’s a bit scratchy.

I added a little to the odds and ends blanket.

I finished the wrap me up puppy as well. This puppy is sponsored and I will be doing a blog post about him and the other toy this company sponsored and a review of the yarn and an interview. This company was nice enough to sponsor a giveaway as well so keep your eyes peeled next Tuesday or Wednesday for a yummy giveaway. I really like the colors and used the rest of the yarn to make a hat for M.

I’m in the middle of designing something at the moment so I’m not sharing anything else on the knitting front. This is a bigger project so I will be working on it for a little while.
Since it is my birthday I am offering a 30% discount on my patterns from today till Satuday. That makes the iPad cover only $0.66 and the cowl only $2.06 so if you feel like doing something for my birthday please purchase a pattern.


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