Smarty Piggy for the Smarty Knitter.

While looking for the best savings account for my boys I ran across this site was reported to have the highest interest rates for low balance accounts. I started looking into this some more and realized how amazing this site is. It is the anti credit card. You set goals, like I wanted to start saving for a family vacation after I graduate but it can be anything like a new TV or car, and then you say when you would like to have this money saved for, mine is for after I graduate from gradschool. The site does everything for you when it comes to automatic savings. I have mine set up to put money away after each one of my husbands paydays. This way the money goes into savings and we will never even notice that it went anywhere. You can also take this money out when ever with out any penalties. This service is also FREE. Then when you have saved the money you need then you have the option of just taking the money out or getting a gift card to one of the retailers that works with  for the money and getting up to 12%  increase to your total.
You can even link your smartypiggy to twitter, facebook and your blog to give people the chance to help you out with your goals. As you can see a little further down the page on the right hand sidebar you can see a piggy that you can feed to help me with my goal. I put it there as a demonstration and to let my family feed him for my birthday in a few days. I’m reaching my last 20th year.
I plan on using this to save for large yarn projects and to save for knitting retreats and expos.
I might even start the X-mas present savings in Jan and just have it save for my through the year and then we will not have a problem come next X-mas. 

Any of you use this or ever donated to someones cause?


2 thoughts on “Smarty Piggy for the Smarty Knitter.

  1. The correct web address is This is a wonderful program! I have been using it for about a year, and I currently have a goal where I'm saving to go see my daughters in NE for Christmas. As with any account where one puts their money, I think it is VERY important to read over all of the information to get a clear understanding of how it works. Any questions not on their website can be answered by their professional and knowledgeable customer service staff over the phone, or by email.


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