Itty-Bitty Update

So I haven´t been very good at my itty-bitty knitting the last week. I guess I took a tiny brake.

I finished the wrap me up puppy #1 with his blanket. This puppy was made with left over yarn
I started on wrap me up puppy #2. He needs a blanket which is almost half way finished. This puppy was made with donated yarn.
After this I will only have 9 toys left to make of the 27 to make from Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B Anderson! Looks like I am right on track to finish the book by February 2011.

I worked on my Big Montana Tunic I´ve finished the main piece and I´m working on the cowl. I can´t wait to have it finished. It´s getting chilly in the mornings and at night.

I realized that I need to make M some stroller socks and O needs a hat. So that will be next weeks plan.

I took one of my dormant projects that I had almost finished but, the pattern was in Norwegen and I had made a mistake and I didn´t know how to fix it because I couldn´t understand the pattern,  I unraveled the whole thing. It was knit from the bottom up and now I´m knitting it my way from the top down. It is for M. A cute sheep sweater.  Looking forward to finishing it.

I knit a little on my Cedar Leaf Shawlette.

I also knit up this shawl but I´m about 3-5 skeins short of finishing it. Maybe I will get the yarn to finish it for my birthday. It’s the simple yet effective shawl and it’s free on ravelry.com. It’s knit up with Noro in several different colors.

I also started a scrappy blanket. It´s fun. I had a while bunch of yarn that was too short to make anything really with and I had cut all of these odds and ends off of the princess and the pea stuff so I decided to knot them together and make something from it but what? I took up the crotchet hook and  started hooking. I´m going to leave the ends hanging out as part of its charm but each one of these ends has a story. They each have something to say to me when I look at them. It´s everything from super expensive yarn to cheep cotton. Maybe I will just keep making it till it becomes a bed cover for me in my old age remembering all the things I made.

I´ve got a pattern floating around my head and I need to knit it up and write it up so that I can move on. All I can do is think about it and how great it will be when I have finished it. It would be awesome knit up in soft alpaca/merino blend but all I have is some Cascade eco. But it will work. Nice and warm. Just a little scratchy. Maybe in the next month I can have it finished and share it with you.

I got some yarn this week.
The skeins that are not wound are going as prizes so keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway as soon as I have finished the toys that I am making with the wound skeins.

Then there are these.They will become a toy.

 Then some photos from my life.

This is my work space when it comes to blogging and knitting and designing.

 The best hubby and kids a mom could ask for.

 He use to only take up one cushion on the couch. Now he is about to spill over to the 3rd.

 My little boy is potty training. But slowly.

My bread decided to spill out the side since I cut the slits in the top too early


One thought on “Itty-Bitty Update

  1. I received the Malabrigo yarn and your wonderful pattern today. Thank you so much for this lovely gift. The yarn is wonderfully soft and the color is fabulous. I am eager to use it.


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