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New Sponsor! Brown Sheep!

Hello everybody. Sorry for the delay. I know I promised this Tuesday but life happened and here we are. To make up for this I am going to keep this giveaway open til Monday the 4th of October.
Brown Sheep were great enough to donate the yarn I needed to make the Princess and the Pea from the book Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B Anderson. There are a lot of colors in this toy and I got to knit with a lot of Brown Sheep’s Worsted weight Lambs Pride . It is a 85% wool and 15% Mohair blend. I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It was perfect for this toy, making it very classic looking with a woolly feel.  I would not use this yarn as a close to skin choice, but with its nice shine, I would love to make a jacket out of this yarn or a purse or a blanket. It keeps it’s shape pretty well and I’m sure it is very sturdy, so great as an outer fabric for both toys and clothes. They have so many colors to pick from that it was hard to pick only 8 colors to make this toy. I would love to try some of there other yarns like their cotton wool blends.
For this toy I used:
M-171 Fresh Moss
M-183 Rosado Rose
M-57 Brite Blue
M-22 Autom Harvest (orange)
M-140 Aran (Natural color)
M-11 White Frost
M-175 Bronze Patine
M-07 Sable (Darker brown)
If you have been following my blog you may remember me talking about it taking me a while to get the mattresses finished. I love making toys because of their shaping and how it keeps me on my toes. Well the mattresses were not quite like that. There was no shaping. Just knitting back and forth. The doll on the other hand I finished in one day with her dress and everything. She is lovely. But the mattresses were something that I had to force myself to finish. I didn’t make all 11. My boys just use them as tossing objects and I really didn’t need any more stuff around that they can toss. I made 8 and I may make the extra 3 later once I’ve gotten over the 8 that I have already made. I did make an extra pea because the mattresses couldn’t really balance on top of the pea pod.

Brown sheep were nice enough to answer some of my questions about their business and product.

What is Brown Sheep and how did the business get started? Brown Sheep Co. was started by Harlan Brown in 1980. Harlan and his wife, Janet purchased their first spinning equipment from a mill in South Carolina. With a spinning frame, set of pin drafters, other miscellaneous equipment, and a bunch of determination they set out to make quality, USA made yarn. The business is still completely family owned and managed in Western Nebraska.

Who is in charge of the fiber combinations and the color choices and where dose that person or persons get their inspiration? Once the mill was up and running, Harlan set out to create different lines of yarns with different blends. Today the mill produces a variety of fiber blends with the most famous being Lamb’s Pride which is a blend of wool (85%) and mohair (15%). Brown Sheep Co. also produces several cotton/wool blends, sock yarn, and of course 100% wool lines, to name a few. Color choices are made on a yearly basis. Some colors remain the same every year and others come and go based on demand. Peggy Jo Wells, part-owner of the company is the mastermind behind the color choices.

Who are some of your favorite designers? Our designers include but are not limited to creative minds such as Lorna Misner, Vicki Square, Melissa Leapman, Joanna Benson and Ann Young.

Anything that you can clue us in on what to expect to see from you in the near future? Any new and amazing fiber combinations, colors or designs that you are busting at the seams to share with us? We’re bursting at the seams with new and exciting developments but as with all good secrets, we cannot disclose them yet! Be sure to return to our website (, Facebook and Twitter often for updates! We will be launching our new website very soon and we are very excited about it! 

They also just started their blog where you can follow them for more info.

 Brown Sheep were nice enough to offer 4 skeins of what ever yarn you like. You read that right. 4 SKEINS! Just go to their site and looke for your favorite yarn or yarns and color or colors and post it here and you could be the lucky one that gets their choice of yarn.

Here are the rules:
1. Go to the website and find 4 skeins of yarn you would like and what color. Come back and leave a comment with contact info.
2. Become a follower or sign up for my feed via e-mail at the bottom of the page then come back and leave a comment with contact info
3. Tweet about this giveaway with a link to this site and then come back and leave your twitter id.
4. Put up a blog post about this giveaway and come back with the link to it and contact info.

Yes there are 4 chances to win if you follow the rules. Remember that you have to come back and comment for each entry but if you forgot to put contact info then your entry is invalid. If you forgot to add something please delete your first entry before you enter your correction. 
I’m sorry, but you have to live in North America or know someone in North America that is willing to receive this and send it to you, to be eligible to win this prize.
Giveaway will be open til Sunday the 3rd of October 2010 at midnight.  Winner will be announced on the following Monday.


132 thoughts on “New Sponsor! Brown Sheep!

  1. I am a big fan of Brown Sheep and have used their Lamb's Pride and Nature Spun quite often. If I were to pick 4 skeins of anything right now, I think it would be 4 skeins of the Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted in Emerald City. Thanks for the contest!

    –aprilshowers on Ravelry


  2. Lamb's pride is wonderful yarn that I've used often, but I'd take this opportunity to sample other yarns from Brown Sheep. I'd choose Wildfoote Luxury Sock in Ragtime SY300, Handpaint Originals in Sunbaked Earth HP30 and Rose Slate HP150, and finally Lana Loft in Wine Fire LL100.


  3. I have to say it is so hard to pick! I looked at the Lambs Pride colors and they have such a big selection. I love the colors Pine Shadows, Mulberry and Prairie Fire. They are listed in a column together, so they just look gorgeous together to me! They would make a great sweater or pillow! Also loved their handpainted colors!


  4. Hi There,
    I really liked reading your blog!

    I like working with brown sheep to make a quick knit.

    I would like to try out the following yarns –

    4 skeins of Wildfoote Luxury sock
    in color shade Sonatina.

    Happy blogging!

    I am sona aka ssri17@ravelry


  5. Wow! Another great giveaway. I'd love to win two skeins of Wildfoote Desert Grass and two skeins of Lamb's Pride superwash in antique silver. Here's hoping
    buffythesage on ravelry.


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