Late Itty Bitty Update

Hello everybody!

Sorry about how late this is coming out. I’ve done some finishing of UFOs (unfinished objects).
I finished the Shalom,

my french press slippers,
the Kilkenny baby hat and I also knitted up some booties to go with the baby present.

I also knit some on my Cedar Leaf Shawlette.

Since I finished so many UFOs I let myself cast on One new project. It’s a quick knit. it’s the Big Montana Tunic and I’ve been eyeballing this one since I got the magazine last fall. It was always out of my price range but then I realized that I could double up Cascade Ecological at only 15 dollars for a 250 gr. skein of bulky weight. That’s 478 yards. I have about 2 and a third of a skein. It might not be enough though. We will see. I don’t mind buying one more for this one. I think I will use it quite a bit. I love the big cowl on it.
I finished the princess and the pea. I promise that the giveaway for that will be tomorrow.
I’m looking forward to reveling this one. O really likes the doll but she is not allowed to wear the dress. As soon as he finds her he rips her dress off. I guess that is a boy for you. I have a suspicion that when I let them play with the mattresses that they will become tossing toys for my boys.   At least they will have fun with them.
I have a few more sponsors in the works. I’m sure you guys will go mad for these yarns. I can’t wait to review them but it’s all hush hush until it is time to show off the toy.
I did get some yarn in the mail last week.

Here it is. No I’m not telling you what it is yet. Not till the unveiling. Is it a toy or a new pattern? Who knows?
There will be yarn for you tomorrow I promise.

I am very proud of my effort yesterday. I put together 2 shelving units to replace my old shelf that I kept my knitting and knitting related stuff in. It was more work than I thought it would be. It took me all yesterday to get the shelves together, to empty and organize the things from the old shelf and to get everything back up again.



Hubby thinks our living room now looks like a yarn store. I love it. My creative space is perfect now.

Enjoy your knitting and here are a few photos of the boys and my life.

I´ve been baking bread from scratch lately.


9 thoughts on “Late Itty Bitty Update

  1. I love the update! I've been wanting to knit those French Press slippers for a while now. Did you like the way yours turned out?

    And those are some adorable little men in your life! I have one myself who likes to pull the needles out of my works in progress… good thing he's cute. 😉


  2. Aren't those slippers adorable?! I loved making mine. I can't wait to see the toy and the new yarn. Those adorable boys look like they keep you so busy. Your shelves are beautiful and who doesn't love a yarn shop? 😉


  3. Alyoops- That is the book I use. I plan on doing a review of it once I try more than just one recipe.
    PuringPenny- Anybody can make bread with the book Artisan bread in 5 min a day. It's not hard it just takes up space in your fridge.


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