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Lacing Shoe from Bajo Review & Giveaway

Hello dear readers. Sorry for the absence this week but I have had one of those weeks where I have been catching up on housework and other family matters.

Today I am doing a review of the Lacing Shoe from Bajo provited to me by

Since I work a lot with yarn and needles my 2 and a half year old of course becomes very interested in what I am working on. I didn´t know what to do for him since I really didn´t want yarn all over the house. When I saw this toy I thought that it is perfect. Something to hand him while I am working. The string is long enough where he can pretend to knit with it but short enough to keep him out of trouble. He also loves that there are wheels on the bottom of it. He can drive it around when he gets bored with the string and needle part of it. The pros for me are that it is made with wood and that it is made in Europe and not Asia and that it is a learning toy. He can make a mess of the string and then figure out how to untangle the thing on his own now. The only thing that I would like to change about it is the fact that there is no way to attach the string to the front of it and drag it around. The string does come off and you can start sewing anywhere which is great but I would have liked to be able to attach it to the front of the toy to be able to drag it around as well.

Thank you for helping me distract my toddler so that I get some peace and quite to work on my knitting.

Oompa is the place to go to get toys that are made in the US or Europe and are safe for your children. They have loads of learning toys and other great buys for your little one to love and cherish and then their little one to love and cherish after that.

“Oompa Toys, founded in 2004, was a family held California corporation. In May of 2007 I moved both the company and my family to Madison, WI. Oompa Toys continues to carry a wonderful, ever expanding mix of wooden toys, baby toys, soft dolls, play food, ball tracks, play mats and other beautiful, high quality wooden toys. We offer fair and competitive prices and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.”

When I go to the Oompa website I loose track of time and place and I daydream of my children playing with this and that that I can find on their website. I love that I know that the people that made the toys are getting fare wages and are working under safe conditions.

OK on to what you have been waiting for. The GIVEAWAY! You too, can get one of these lacing shoe toys for your little one.

Here are the rules:
1. Go to the website and find what your dream toy would be from there. Come back and leave a comment with contact info.
2. Become a follower or sign up for my feed via e-mail at the bottom of the page then come back and leave a comment with contact info
3. Tweet about this giveaway with a link to this site and then come back and leave your twitter id.
4. Put up a blog post about this giveaway and come back with the link to it and contact info.

Yes there are 4 chances to win if you follow the rules. Remember that you have to come back and comment for each entry but if you forgot to put contact info then your entry is invalid. If you forgot to add something please delete your first entry before you enter your correction. 
I’m sorry, but you have to live in North America or know someone in North America that is willing to receive this and send it to you, to be eligible to win this prize.
Giveaway will be open til Saturday the 25th of September 2010 at midnight.  Winner will be announced on Monday.


20 thoughts on “Lacing Shoe from Bajo Review & Giveaway

  1. I love all the critters from Pooki and Co. They're offbeat and cool and fun looking. I think I may have to get some for friends having kids!

    contact info: damons [at] gci [dot] net


  2. I love Oompa and often get myself in trouble when I stop in. Some day I'd like to get the Haba architectural building block sets for my daughter. (


  3. I won this cute lace shoe!


    I would give it to one of my grand kids to take home, but I don't know which one to give it to! So it will probably stay at my house for them to play with when they visit, which is just about every week.

    Thanx again,


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