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New Sponsor! O-Wool!

I had the pleasure of knitting with some true organic yarn and I am so happy that the yarn, that was sponsored by Jocelyn of  OWool/Tunney Wool Company for this project, will be enough for, at least, one more. This week I knit the Egg to Blue Bird and a Little Nest, Too. It was my first reversible toy from Susan B Anderson’s  Itty-Bitty Toys and was a joy to knit. Especially knowing that I was knitting with O-Wool which is an organic yarn. The yarn that I got was Balance O-Wool which is a 50% certified organic merino wool, 50% certified organic cotton blend DK yarn and feeling it, you feel both equally. There is no scratchy feel to it it just feels natural and sturdy. I now understand why Susan B. Anderson used this for all of her reversible toys. I also feel secure and safe handing these toys to my sons knowing that they are not full of pesticides and other chemicals that you do not wont your growing child to be exposed to. This toy reverses from being an egg to becoming a little blue bird and was amazingly quick to knit.

I finished in 12 hours with taking care of my children and home. I would love to get a few bags of this yarn to make some blankets and light sweaters for the boys and even a stole for me.

This is outside of her warehouse. Jocelyn is on the left and is pictured with Kate Gagnon Osborn (Middle) and Courtney Kelley of The Fibre Company ( They are all involved in animal rescue and are pictured here with all of their rescued or foster dogs.

Jocelyn was nice enough to answer some questions that I sent her to help us get to know her and her business a little better.

What is OWool/Tunney Wool Company’s story? Who is the mastermind behind this amazing yarn and company?
OWool was started by Vermont Organic Fiber Co. in Middlebury VT in 2001. Their founder has a fantastic knowledge of agriculture and textiles and combined the two to create one of the first organic merino hand knitting yarns on the market. Vermont Organic closed their doors this past May and I took over OWool under the label Tunney Wool Company. I’ve always been dedicated to environmental and animal welfare issues so I am extremely proud to produce a wonderfully responsible yarn line like OWool. I’ve been knitting for ten years, have a formal education in fiber arts and textile design/engineering, and have been working in the hand knitting yarn industry since 2004.

What inspires your colors and fiber combinations? 
 Nature! I’m developing new colors for a new yarn line and looked at all different kinds of minerals. The fiber combinations obviously have to be organic, and as of right now Merino and Cotton is what we work with, but we’re exploring other options from sustainable farmers – hemp, linen, camel, alpaca and a few others.

What did you think when Susan B Anderson decided to use your yarn to make all of her reversible toys in her book?
I think it’s a fantastic choice for children’s toys. The organic fiber ensures that kids are not putting chemicals next to their skin or in their mouth. So many toys today are made from materials with questionable origins. It’s fantastic, and I’m delighted at her choice.

What are we to expect to see in the future from OWool/Tunney Wool Company? Do you have any new lines or colors coming out?

All sorts of fantastic new things! Balance Bulky is a new yarn that should be ready sometime in the next 6 months, and I’ve developed 5-10 new colors in each of the existing 5 lines – AND something that doesn’t exist on the hand knitting market yet – an organic superwash! Stay tuned.

As I was doing my research for this post I was looking around on the O-Wool website and I just want it all. The fact that is is all organic is a plus plus in my mind when choosing for my children. The colors are so beautiful and natural. I’m hoping that in the future Jocelyn will be wanting me to do some more reviews for her so that I can play some more with her amazing yarns.

OK to the part that you have all been so patiantly waiting for……………….

We have a giveaway this week. Yes, yes. Jocelyn was nice enough to offer one of you the opportunity to win 2 skeins of this amazing yarn. Yes, you read me right. 2 SKEINS of the Balance yarn!

All you have to do is follow the rules

1. Go to the website and pick what color or colors you would like your 2 skeins to be. Come back and leave a comment with contact info.
2. Become a follower or sign up for my feed via e-mail at the bottom of the page then come back and leave a comment with contact info
3. Tweet about this giveaway with a link to this site and then come back and leave your twitter id.
4. Put up a blog post about this giveaway and come back with the link to it and contact info.

Yes there are 4 chances to win if you follow the rules. Remember that you have to come back and comment for each entry but if you forgot to put contact info then your entry is invalid. If you forgot to add something please delete your first entry before you enter your correction. 
I’m sorry, but you have to live in North America or know someone in North America that is willing to receive this and send it to you, to be eligible to win this prize.
Giveaway will be open til Saturday at midnight.  Winner will be announced on Monday.

Well I better get back to my x-mas knitting. That’s right I’m X-mas knitting. This is stuff you won’t get to see until after X-mas since the recipients read my blog.


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