Itty-Bitty Update.

I´ve been knitting up a storm for a sponsor and tomorrow I will Reveal who the sponsor is and do a post about them and what the giveaway from them will be. But this is what I have been knitting out of the yarn that they gave me. They are not pretty but for some reason I just couldn´t get their faces right.
I´ve also received these yarns in the mail and will be knitting up toys with them and offering giveaways from these sponsors as soon as the toys are finished. The giveaways will range from giftcards to yarn to yarn that you can pick out yourself. I´m so excited about this.

The wrap me up puppies are a little on the back burner for now. I finished the first puppy but I´m still working on his blanket out of the left over Alchamy that I got to work on the Elefante for the LYS.

Next I will be knitting with this. What do you think it will be? I´ll give you a hint. It is sock yarn.

Then I will be knitting with this. Do you know what it will be?

These will all be surprises. But I think I will have giveaways every week for the next 5 weeks. How does that sound to you? They will be on Tuesdays from now on but winners will be announced on Mondays during my itty bitty update.

It´s been too hot for my garden and I´ve been really busy with this little guy. He is now 6 months and a week old and he is crawling, sitting up on his own and pulling up to his knees. He is a little trouble maker.


5 thoughts on “Itty-Bitty Update.

  1. I say you'll be working on the sock monkey and the elephant/lion reversible toy! 🙂 I love that elephant/lion and really want to make one for X when I get some free time…(ha…right – like that's going to happen anytime soon…).

    Can't wait to see your giveaways! 🙂


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